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Sometimes Wants (Winter)

These are the winter time "Sometimes Wants" that have caught my eye lately.
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With the winter season my skin, as I age, gets a lot more dry. I have been using the Badger Balm Rose Beauty Balm and it has helped a great deal in combating a lot of dry skin. I also use this balm on my hands, elbows, and my knees. We have completely cut out plastic in our home. No matter what, a few things slip through the door from time to time, but as far as purposely bringing plastic in we have gotten into a routine of changing our habits. Along with those habit shifts we have cut out the use of plastic wrap and plastic bags completely. In place of it we have been using Bee's Wrap. Of course, there are a lot of other brands out there, but we stand strong with the original Bee's Wrap food wrap for most of our food wrap. Since Burt's Bees ended their BooBoo Stick, it took me awhile to find a proper replacement. I found it in this Inesscents Skin Salve. Perfect for booboos, cuts, and even dry skin. CBD has become a staple in our house from its healing properties to it's calming properties. These sheet masks are amazing and definitely something to add to your selfcare Sunday routine. Flossing is a necessity and this reusable pick is a hit in our house, as well as the mouthwash tablets. We have all been enjoying the Sweet Baby Orange Shampoo. It smells amazing and it's made with natural ingredients and plant based cleansers. More on the CBD additions, these gummies are great for aches, pains, and anxiety. I've been using them at night, especially this time of year, which is the hardest for me. The holidays brings on a lot of anxious thoughts, and panic issues, and I like to use these gummies at night to help relax my mind. I also have been using the Stress & Fatigue Formula to help with my seasonal depression, and PTSD. We also do not have an ice maker in our house, so this stainless steel ice cube tray has been a great substitute for an ice maker. During the holidays and even throughout the year it's nice to have a glass of iced something on hot days and even sitting in front of our fireplace relaxing. These are all of my favorite things right now and I hope some of them peek your interest and become your favorites, as well. Happy winter solstice! 

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