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Spark of Loves this Week: Skylar, Bracket, Birds, Creed, Receipt, Crabs, Ban, Goulash, Chair, and Room

These Two Photos of Skylar.

Because they clearly show his two personalities completely.  One, the comical little guy that likes to help mommy in the kitchen.  Two, the sweet kid that is always game for a good photo-op for mommy.

This Bracket.
Because it says "Dottie" and it reminded me of my mom.

These Seagulls.

Because they were perched on the street lamp so delicately.

This Creed.

Because it's on display at Pioneer School and it has such great meaning behind it.

This Screen Receipt.

Because the cashier took Skylar's name over mine and it made his day.

This Hermit Crab Cage.

Because we have had such fun with these hermit crabs and they are a good educational experience for Skylar.  Not to mention, it has taught him how to care for animals too.

This Sign at the Winco in Corvallis.

Because the city of Corvallis put a plastic bag ban into effect as of January 1st, 2013.  And I honestly think it's a great thing!

This Menu Item.

Because Goulash was something I had growing up and it made me chuckle to see it on a menu at a restaurant here in Oregon.

This Chair.

Because it's called a Captain's Chair and I got it at an antique store.  I wish they had two of them, but the one fits right in at our table and we love it!

Random Photo of the Week:

Skylar's room is a wreck.  With the illnesses going through our house I haven't had time to get in and organize it.  But this room will be conquered now that all of us are feeling 100% again!  I will conquer the mess of "the boy's" room!

Eco-Tip:  Purchase a reusable shopping tote and take it with you when you go to the grocery store or super market.  It will help you cut down on plastic and paper bag waste throughout your household and it will fit more items in for less use of other bags.  Be sure and wash they tote one a  month though to cut down on bacterial growth.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

To Honor the King of the Civil Rights Movement

Today is the day that we observe the birth of Martin Luther King Jr.  He would have been 84 years old today.

It was 50 years ago this August that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. closed his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with his rendering of a dream he had for the country’s future. The soaring final sentences were somewhat extemporaneous — he let his emotions and sense of the occasion carry him past parts of the prepared text and on to the right words, concluding with the rousing “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last.” It was an exultant moment for much of this country, and in the national memory it has acquired the gauzy image of a happy ending to our long struggle with racial inequality and bigotry. (source)

Eco-Tip:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose when you can.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


Spark of Loves this Week: Book, Cat, Tulip, Pancake, Sign, Yoda, Lamp, Booth, TV, OM

This Life Saver Christmas Book.

Because I used to get them as a kid "from Santa" and now I give them to my own son.  It's a cute little memory that I like to hang onto.

This Neighborhood Cat.

Because he is super sweet and we nicknamed him Mr. Pierce.

This Little, Red Tulip.

Because it's the only one that grows in the front flowerbed and I love when it makes an appearance every year.

This Baseball-Themed Pancake.

Because it's clever and my son ate it up!

This Sign.

Because I love this quote and it hangs in my living room above the door frame where everyone can see it when they enter my kitchen.

This Image of Yoda.

Because it's the inside of Skylar's favorite lunchbox and the image is neat to see every time I pack his lunch.  "Lunch is good, pack it everyday you will.  Hmmmm."

This Pitcher Lamp.

Because when I bought it I loved it and I get more compliments on it than I expected.  It's a pretty cool lamp.

This Photo Strip of My Kid.

Because for $5, it's really fun to do.  We love them!

This TV Box.

Because it's been about 10 years since we bought a new TV and it was WAY overdue.

Random Photo of the Week:

Because I love YOGA and it's the symbol for OM, the universal tone.

Eco-Tip:  Be sure and place all your electronics on a power strip and hit the switch off when you turn them off , go on vacation, or go to bed.  Even though the appliance is off, it is still using electricity unless you shut the power strip off and cut the power completely.  For this and other tips on going green, visit The Earth and Me Go Green.

Quick Tips 106: Things you can't go without knowing.

Quick Tips 101: Things you can't go without knowing. (Volume 6)

Use a long length item to hang wreaths on higher windows or to remove them as well.

Use a basket with Command Hooks to hold drain plugs and sponges.

Use a Q-Tip with vinegar to clean the sills of your windows.

Use a hose reel to store Christmas lights.

Use a stick of Chap Stick on screws to help cut down on friction and to keep them from getting over-heated.

Use a copy paper box to store breakable Christmas ornaments or other valuables.

Paint the underside of your nails red to give the look of the Louboutins Red Sole shoes.

Use brown sugar packed, to make anything out of chocolate.

Use food coloring in your ice cubes to create a fun look for parties, or just everyday fun drinks.

Use an empty tissue box for a bag storage center and keep them contained.

Eco-Tip:  Learning the importance of recycling is a good lesson to know.  Recycling of everyday items will have less impact on the environment over time.  Learn more about recycling HERE.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

Spark of Loves the Week: Lavender, Scarf, Project, Bow, Shoes, Baking, Mammoth, Cat, Ornament, Track, and Laundry

This Lavender.

Because it will be part of a lavender farm here real soon. 

This Scarf.

Because I made it for Skylar and I think it's adorable.

This Straw Project.

Because I this it's so clever and our New Years was a blast!

This Bow.

Because when the SHTF it will be mine!

This Shoes.

Because it makes me want to do it to every shoe I own!  

This Idea for Baking.

Because it's about the most ingenious way to bake that I have ever seen.

This Mammoth.

Because it now occupies a space in the hermit crab cage.

This Neighborhood Cat.

Because it's a super nice cat and Skylar named it Mr. Pearce.

This LEGO Ornament.

Because Skylar made it to add to the table Christmas tree this year.

This Wall Tracks.

Because Santa is a clever man and brought it to Skylar for Christmas.  We set the whole thing up this past week and it's a lot of fun to play with.

Random Photo of the Week:
Because secretly I love doing the laundry.  

Eco-Tip:  Buy your flours, sugars, biscuit mixes, and anything else that comes in a powder form in bulk.  Look for places that sell bulk dry ingredients where you can bring your own bag and fill as needed.  You will end up saving money and will help cut down on package waste.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.