Tired of being tired?

A family surprise

I got the most amazing surprise recently.  My family from Arkansas decided to surprise all of us by flying to Oregon and showing up during one of Skylar's baseball practices.  It really caught me off guard when I saw them and it took me about five minutes to process who was standing in front of me.   (You can see the video here) I haven't seen them since my brother's wedding, so it was an amazing surprise.  Only person missing was my sister and her family.  They couldn't make it because of school.  :(  

The day they came, Skylar was having baseball practice, so it was nice to actually look out during practice and see some familiar faces.  After practice we headed over to Shari's to have a small dinner.  My dad was extremely tired from the flight and the day, so he headed back to the room to catch some much needed shut-eye.

While they were here they stayed at the Boulder Falls Inn here in Lebanon, Oregon.  My family is actually the first people to stay in the rooms they were in.  The Inn had just opened its doors two weeks before they arrived.  It was a neat thing to learn that they were the first people to stay in the rooms they were in.  Almost like leaving a mark.


Beautiful Inn and it's nice to see more businesses coming to Lebanon.  It helps brighten the town up and bring more tourism here.  You can find out more about the Boulder Falls Inn here.

The following day we headed to Newport.  It was nice to be able to spend some time with my mom.  I hadn't seen her in awhile and wasn't there during her heart surgery, so we did some mother/daughter bonding when they were here.  Every chance I got to break away alone with her, I took it!

We all got to see some crabbing off the pier while in Newport.

(The pictures above were taken by Kayla H.K.)

(The above photo was taken by Kayla H.K.)

Of course, you can't make a trip to the bay front without stopping in at the candy store and scoping out the new taffy flavors and chocolates.  

We also hit up Mo's on the bay front too.  Such a great restaurant to eat at when my family visits.  I don't think there's been a trip to Oregon yet, that they haven't stopped in at Mo's for some seafood.


My brother and I had us some oyster shooters when we were done eating.  I still can't determine whether he is a fan or not.  

The south jetty was a bit foggy, but still a great view of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

The following day we headed to Seal Rock and took in some more sights of the pacific.


Everyone enjoyed walking on the beach and getting to dip their toes in the cold water of the pacific coast.

(The photos above were taken by Kayla H.K.)

(The photo above was taken by Kayla H.K.)

Once we got back to Newport, Will and Skylar wanted to feed the seagulls.  

After heading back over the bridge we headed toward Waldport and made some short stops along the way.


The following day we headed east to Sisters, Oregon and ate some lunch.


We did a little shopping while in Sisters and also went on a short road trip to get a better view of Mt. Washington.  

As we were all star-struck at the size of the mountain, we didn't notice a little woodchuck near the car until someone happened to look down and see him. 

We tossed him some caramel corn and he seemed to enjoy the offering a lot more than we expected.

After Sisters we headed back over the Cascade Mountains and relaxed for a bit before dinner.

My dad crashed on our new couch pretty hard.  He is actually the first person to break the new couch in before anyone else.  The last time they visited we had just bought a new couch too, so it was funny to know their second visit was after a new couch purchase.  

My brother, Will, spent some time swimming in the pool with Skylar.  That ended up making Skylar's day!

The last day they were here, we headed over to Ralston Park, here in town, to spend some last minute time together before they drove back to the airport.  


When they pulled away it was sad to see them go without me.  Even through I've been here in Oregon for 10 years, it still is weird to see my family leave.

Through my sadness, my mom made me laugh though.  Once they got to the Portland Airport she sent me a shot of her feet on the famous PDX Carpet.  It really made me feel better that I will see them soon.  (In October, as a matter of fact!)  We can't wait!