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Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's Good Friday!  I am so glad it's the weekend, and this weekend is the best weekend because it's also Easter weekend.  With it being such a great week, with the sun out, here's hoping the weekend here in the Valley stays warm and dry.  Here are the things I am loving this week.

1.  This Smile.

Because it belongs to the most amusing dog that ever was.  PITA aka Hardy our three year old min-pin.

2.  This Note.

Because it was set up on my pillow one night and came from the best kid anyone could want. (FYI:  My nickname to Skylar is MuMu)  

3.  This Moment.

Because she was so curious as to what I was doing.  Putting my socks on one morning had her all sorts of perplexed. 

4.  These Flowers.

Because they were sweet to receive and made my week a bit better.

5.  These Names.

Because "Sweet Chai of Mine" is genius.  And yes, I bought it because of that reason, and the fact that I love Chai tea.

What made your week happen, let me know in the comments below.

You can join this fun and happy Friday link up over at Carolina Charm.  Just post five things that made your week awesome and then link up.

Don't forget, Earth Hour is April 29!

Our Garden Currently: The dirt is here

The dirt has arrived and we have filled four of the planned six raised beds with the earthy goodness.  We will continue to work on them after Easter weekend.  And get the plot laid out for the lavender plants that will be planted in the middle of the bed layout.  Here's hoping the rain lets up a little for Easter Sunday and our Easter Baseball.  (Easter Baseball 2012 and 2013)

Love the pile of rich soil that came spilling out.

11 yards later and he was done.

We started immediately on the beds.  Laying down a liner and stapling it to the ground.  The year before we went with just newspaper and the grass took over so quickly.  We are more into the "all-natural" way of growing, but combating the grass apocalypse is not something we want to do again.  We also planted beans, snap peas, sugar peas, and raspberries along the back fence line.  Our make-shift set up should allow them to climb with ease.  

Raspberries and peas ready to climb the wires of the fence.

Five on Friday (Spark of loves this week)

Another Friday!  Yay!  I have been taking a little bit off from posting, I do apologize for that, but we have been preparing our garden plots for planting and I have just been too busy to post anything recent.  Garden pictures will come soon to add to our "Our Garden Currently" section, so do stay tuned for those.  But with that said, here are the five things that made my week.

1.  This mouse and mouse pad.

Because it was time for an upgrade.

2.  This old dog.

Because he turns 14 this year, but still has the spunk of a puppy.  His name is Baz and he is loved.

3.  This frame.

Because it's being worked into a project and it's coming together nicely.  More on that later.

4.  These sponsors.



Because they are great companies and they deserve a little shout out.  Check them out!

5.  These Easter treats.

Because just when I think I am in the clear for watching my calories, along comes Easter candy.

You can join this link up, along with me, by visiting Carolina Charm each Friday and adding your five.

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