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Five Simple Things (February 26)


This past week we took a trip to an area of Oregon named Deadwood and took in the sights along the way. We ended up at the Deadwood Cemetery, which has gravesites dating back to 1883 and listed with the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries. We walked through the grave markers and sadly there's a lot of children and mothers to those children. A lot of them had been buried together and there isn't a lot of things with the dead that get to me enough to bring tears, but the ones with mothers that die in childbirth and people that died at my age. We paid our respects at the cemetery and continued on our road trip. We stopped at the Deadwood Fire Department, and on our way there we passed through Shedd, Oregon, and Skylar got to try out a pay phone for the first time. Unfortunately, the two pay phones in Shedd weren't working, but it was still nostalgic to pretend. Here are five things this week.

1. These ☏ Booths.

First time Skylar got to use a pay phone and unfortunately neither one of them worked. We were kind of bummed about that, but it was still fun to play around with them for awhile.

2. This Kombucha. 

This is the best kombucha, in my opinion. We have stopped drinking regular sodas and switched to sparkling waters and kombucha as a treat. We enjoy this brand's flavors, as well as Clear Mind from Brew Doctor's Kombucha. If you are trying to quit sodas and love the taste of Dr. Pepper, I suggest them one highly. You can try them here.

3. This Daytrip. 

Such a great little day trip through the area. I haven't seen this area of Oregon before and it was a beautiful view and a nice trip overall. 

4. This Drawing.

My therapist this week had me draw how I see myself when I'm around most people that I consider "relatives," or "family." Being someone that suffers from social and generalized anxiety a lot of people always say I talk a lot, but mostly my talking is because of my anxiety, people pleasing, and also a bit of validation seeking. The rambling is from my habit of trying to always fit as much as I can in so the person I'm talking to will like me. It comes from not being taught how to handle myself around other correctly and never being told that it's okay to feel my feelings. I grew up in a house where your feelings were not validated and everything you felt, be is a sickness, or sadness, or even mad, was just for attention. It's really sad that I wasn't allowed to feel what I felt and talked to about that in order to process them better as an adult, but I'm learning how to cope with those issues. Therapy has helped a great deal with being able to express myself and not have to feel like I always need to people please, or hide my emotions and feelings. Being told that you are seeking attention, no matter what you're going through as a child and into your teen years does take a toll on you as an adult. It's a hard place to come out of and this drawing is how I felt most of the time around those people. I still feel this way around some of them and even talking to them on the phone. I am stuck in a hole asking for help and all of them are walking by, talking about me negatively, or ignoring me. The fingernail marks on the side of the hole are definitely there for a reason, too. I am so pleased with the progress I've made and how far I've come from that toxic and dysfunctional behavior of others. 

5. This Calligraphy. 

While working on the podcast I've taken up calligraphy and enjoy writing the person's name we are on for that week. This week it is Wild Bill Longley and writing their names in calligraphy makes me think it could possibly be a signature from the 1800s. The calligraphy pens I use are here and I've found it quite relaxing, too. You can listen to our latest podcast episode here

Positive affirmations this week: 

Along with taking care of yourself taking care of the environment should also be an important aspect. Plastic is not for the environment, especially single-use plastics. There are ways around plastics and slowly making those changes can help not only the planet, but also yourself. Take care in the items and materials you bring into your home and life. If you can find an alternative to plastic, make those changes for the better.

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (February 19)

Hello. ♥

On Valentine's Day this week we took a road trip up to Tombstone Pass to enjoy the snow. It gave us a chance to get out of the Willamette Valley for awhile and escape. The snow up on the pass was deeper than we expected, but it was a lot of fun playing in it and enjoying the day. We also took a short road trip to Cape Kiwanda to have lunch and enjoy the coastline. We didn't do any surfing, but we did walk along the beach and took in the moment. I have started being more present in what we do and I'm glad at how far I've come in the last few years. Self love is becoming more easily for me and I am liking how I feel. I still get tired easier than I used to, but I think it's because I need the rest. I read a quote online a few months ago that read, "Instead of wondering why you're so tired, start asking, why does my body need so much rest and listen to it." I find that interesting and truthful. You aren't tired for no reason. You're tired because you need the rest. It's the positives like that, turning statements around, that has helped me stay the course into a better state of mental health. Here are five things this week.

1. These Pineapples.

On these cold and winter days I like to gather things that make me think of summertime, or look at pictures and it gets me through the winter months. The blahs of the winter season can take a toll on mental health and bits of positives are s helpful and remind you that better days are ahead and will soon be here.

2. These Hearts.

My cheese puffs this week reminded me that love is actually all around us if we just look.

3. This Lunch.

After our lunch in Cape Kiwanda we took a short stroll on the beach front before heading back home. I was a nice getaway and gave us a chance to enjoy some ocean views outside the valley views.

4. This Moment.

I had a panic attack this week and decided to document my face and neck on what happens during a panic episode. I get light headed and break out in hives or a red rash all over my body. This was about 10 minutes after it happened. The redness takes awhile to go away, but at least I didn't have to call and ambulance, or go to the hospital. This isn't the best picture of me, but at least it gives a bit of visual to what people experience during a high anxiety, or panic issue. 

5. This Episode.

Our latest episode of the podcast is out and live. It's a story of a group of men named The Bloody Espinosas that took revenge of the treatment of Spanish settlers during the 1800s. You can listen to this episode for free at the podcast link at the top of the blog, or at the Diabolic Evil site here

Positive affirmations this week:

Even on your worst days, remember to be grateful for what you do have and how far you've come. 

Have a nice weekend.

Valentine's Day on Tombstone Pass

We spent Valentine's Day this year up on the Cascade Mountains and at an area named Tombstone Pass. The snow was a nice change from all the wildfires from the previous six months and we enjoyed playing in it. We also took a short hike on one of the trails from Tombstone Pass and with everything covered in snow it was a beautiful view.

Ice Storm

After a summer of wildfires last year to an ice storm and freezing rain it seems we are getting both sides of the climate changes here in the Willamette Valley. At least with the ice and freezing rain you don't have the anxiety that goes with wondering if you're going to be evacuated from your home and have to leave everything you own behind. Skylar and I went out and got a few pictures of the ice that incased everything throughout the county. It was actually a beautiful sight for some things and oddly enough, the freezing rain looked as though everything was behind a thin layer of glass. 


Five Simple Things (February 12)


We went from just rain to sleet and more rain, and then it all froze. Shortly after it froze freezing rain fell and covered everything in a shell of ice. It looked as though everything, literally everything, was incased in ice. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) was on top of it and laid a layer of lava rock on the highways and roads. Traction wasn't an issue once daylight came, but before that it was slick. Jeff leaves for work at around 4:30-5:00 a.m. and he said he expected it to be slick, but it wasn't as bad as he feared. Of course, he did say that ODOT was working away to keep everything safe. With this weather we didn't do much this week, so we focused on getting a few rooms cleaned. Skylar worked on his school work for the year and I gave the bathroom and kitchen a good scrub down. With the Coronavirus pandemic and us shopping outside the home, I like to stay on top of cleaning and keeping germs at bay. I found some germicidal bleach before the pandemic hit to use while recovering from my surgery and I'm glad I did. I've been using a small amount to clean the floors, doors, walls, and even sinks and anything that gets touched frequently. Here are five things this week.

1. These Blackboards.

Going through things in our house we found these blackboard signs we used for the cotton candy during Halloween. These were part of the Brit Kit co-op I participated in several years ago, and I was happy they reappeared. They are pretty cool and I plan on using them for random things in the future.

2. This CBD.

CBD has become a staple in our house. This tincture does wonders on aches and pains, and actually helps with sleep and anxiety, too. It's organic and tastes like a candy cane. You can pick some up here. You can learn more about the benefits of CBD here.

3. This Tree.

These trees are at Jeff's work and cast the best shadows during his lunch break. Skylar and I drove out to have lunch with him this week and enjoyed the sun finally out and had a nice day.

4. These Boxes.

Mully Box used my picture for their ad on Instagram and I was extremely honored. You can follow them on Instagram here, or follow me on Instagram here.

A few of the subscription boxes that came this week were Yogi Surprise, Mully, and Mighty Nest. Of course Yogi Surprise is ending soon, so it won't be available to subscribe, but Mully and Mighty Nest are awesome. You can sign up for Mully here, and Might Nest here.

5. This Episode.

Our latest episode of the podcast is up and live now. It's an episode of a man that was considered a genius, but lacked a lot of abilities to be a decent human being. You can listen to this episode here.

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.