Tired of being tired?

Five simple things

It's Friday!  Yay!  Memorial Day Weekend even!  I'm pretty excited about having some time to just relax this weekend.  Jeff is off all weekend, so it finally gives us some time to sit in our backyard and just sit.  It's been one of those weeks again, where the running around to different obligations has me pulling my hair out.  So much going on lately!  I'm ready to kick back with a cold drink and BBQ somethings on the grill and watch my little man do cannon balls into the pool!  

Here's what made my week awesome!

1.  This chalkboard.




I've had this chalkboard used for everything but what it should be used for.  It's an old poster board frame for a poster and I painted the plastic cover with chalkboard paint and have used it for a sign, a birthday message, and even for my Brit+Co parties.  It finally has a new life that I think it loves.  It hangs in our kitchen and is our monthly calendar of obligations now.  I just love it!

2.  This chocolate company.

Because it's based right here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  They create some of the best chocolates you've ever tasted.  All of the candies sold at the Victorian Chocolate Company are made by hand and come in such cute designs and packaging.  If you are a regular blog follower, you may remember my give away of these chocolates.

3.  These vines.

Because they are really blackberry bushes wrapped around a fence and I can't wait for them to have berries on them this summer.  I also have high hopes for my raspberry bush, as well.  

4.  This flowerbed.

Because it looks better and better each spring.  The wooden slats are from our old Adirondack chairs from Arkansas.  :(  The Oregon rain didn't work so well for them here, but at least I can honor them in some way special.

5.  These new items in the shop.

Both of these items are up for grabs at The Peppermint Bee shop today!  Check them out here!  While you're there, check out the items that have been marked down and are for sale right now!  

Lone rose

Jeff and I took a brief walk to Ralston Park again.  We walked there a few days back to view the trees and flowers around the neighborhood.  You can view that post here.  This walk was a bit more fun, for it was just he and I, with the dogs, to take in the beautiful day.  During our walk we noticed a single rose bloom laying on the ground and decided to throw it into the canal and watch it sail down the waterway.  It was by sheer luck that when we tossed it in, it landed right-side-up.  Maybe that means good luck or something.

As we were watching the rose float down the water, we noticed something over to the right.

Do you see the turkey?

He stood and watched us watching him.

Poppies near the train tracks

We literally live in a town where the train for Weyerhaeuser goes by at least 15-20 times a day. Across the field from our backyard, is the actually train tracks the trains commute on back and forth. They do get quite annoying at times, but we have started noticing something from spring until the end of summer. The California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica) seem to love the tracks and grow wild along the steel beams. It almost makes the train tracks bearable just to see the poppies growing. 

The California Poppy got its name because of growing as a wild flower in California.  Living in Oregon, it just seems right that it would eventually make its way up north.  

Wait to grow some California Poppies where you live?  Visit Earth Care Seeds to grab a package of 700 seeds for under $2.

Take a closer look at the trees (A spring walk)

One day this week, Daily Challenge suggested a walk to take notice of the trees.  We decided to take DC up on this challenge and check out our neighborhood trees this time of year.

Along with the trees, I couldn't help but stop and smell the flowers too.

My 80 year old rose bush.

Along with my own rose bush, Ralston Park has their very own rose garden you can walk through.  I've covered this park before in a post here, where the roses were in full bloom.  They are absolutely stunning when all of the colors come together.  




A marker still stands in the Ralston Park location in honor of Jeremiah Ralston.  The Ralston family was the first homesteading family of the Lebanon, Oregon area and Jeremiah Ralston was said to be the man that named Lebanon, Oregon after Lebanon, Tennessee because of the trees near the water that reminded him of his hometown in Tennessee.  



It was a great walk to view the trees and nature in our neighborhood.  We even saw a chalk drawing of trees on the city sidewalk.  Spring has sprung here in the Willamette Valley.

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