Tired of being tired?

Five simple things

Hey, hey!  Another weekend and Friday was my birthday.  We went out to eat and I had one cupcake.  Ha!  We are celebrating all three birthdays together this year and decided to keep them low-key until the last person's birthday, which is Skylar.  His falls on the 30 of September.  Anyway, here are the the things that made my week awesome!

1.  This Beer Name.

Because while looking for some micro brews we saw this.  I love how generic and simple the name and can is.  

2.  This Battery.

Because Skylar found it and it gave me an idea for a science experiment,  Stay tuned to our homeschool blog to find out what it was.  

3.  This Display.

Because when this goes up it means it's football season.  This display was at Safeway and I couldn't help but snap a photo of it.  Go DUCKS!

4.  This Gift.

Because it was hanging on our door when we came home and it was a nice surprise from the Mr.'s mom.

5.  This Lazy Day.

PITA and I shared a lazy day last week when I wasn't feeling well.  He is such a great cuddle doggie.

Five simple things

Six days until my birthday and I am thrilled to celebrate it this year.  I keep counting down the days until and I feel like a little kid.  Ha!  Before though, here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  These Popsicles.

Because Skylar begged for them and I finally gave in.  Sometimes a treat isn't bad.

2.  This Ice Cream.

Because it was a nice little treat after shopping.

3.  This Chair.

Because when we are in Corvallis, we like to drive by it and use our imagination on what it would be like to sit in it as a giant.

4.  This Kid.

Because he passed his 5th grade test and is ready for summer now!  He is going to rock the 6th grade!

5.  These Moments.

Because I love my boys!  I enjoy the Father/Son moments the best.

Five simple things

Yeah!  It's the weekend!  I am so glad too.  We are less than two weeks away from my birthday, and I am so thrilled!  I can't wait for us to celebrate my birthday this year because we have decided to celebrate all three together.  Not sure how it will all play out, but it will be super fun!  Here are the things that made this week awesome!

1.  This Temporary Tattoo.

Because it came in my Yogi Surprise box and I really like it.  I placed it on my inner wrist and I have enjoyed looking at it every day.  It reminds me to pause and appreciate what's going on at that very moment.

2.  This Lunch.

The Mr. and I treated the boy to some lunch one day and it was a great little date.  We ate at a sub and sandwich place here that's local and I really enjoyed spending time with my boys.

3.  These Tomatoes.

Because it seems that we have so many growing that we can't seem to eat them all.  Our garden did really well this year since we moved it from one side of the house to the other.  Hopefully, we will be just as successful next year too.

4.  This Outlet.

Because it was at the library here and I was really floored at how well the local library here has come along.  It brings one more great thing to our city and it makes me happy knowing that Lebanon is growing.

5.  This New Restaurant.

Because it's new to our town and the Mr. and I ate there while Skylar was taking his end-of-the-year test for 5th grade.  I have to say, Schmizza Public House has some really great french fries and some excellent pizza!

Five simple things

The summer is blazing hot here in the Valley and we are loving the pool time we've spent in the backyard.  Wildfires are bit out of hand here at times, but they seem to get under control as fast as they break out.  Hopefully some rain will head out way soon.  Here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  This Strawberry.

Because it was grown organically and grown right in my own backyard.

2.  This Snake.

Because Skylar found it and thought it was pretty darn cool.  It was a garter snake.

3.  This Pool.

Because we have had so much fun in it the last few days.  All three of us have had a chance to swim in it and enjoy the cool water.

4.  This Rain Shower.

Because it came all of a sudden and Meia and I enjoyed hearing it fall and also hearing some thunder in the distance.  I miss thunderstorms here in the Valley.  I used to hear them a lot when we lived in Arkansas and it's one of the rare occurrences that happen here and I welcome them.

5.  This Summer Flower.

Because Skylar brought it to me and even though some people think of them as weeds, I enjoy getting them from my boy.  They are English daisies (Bellis perennis).

Five simple things

Summer is rolling on here in Oregon and we have been enjoying the sunshine like never before.  We have had a blast splashing around in our pool and enjoying some nighttime marshmallow roasts on the fire pit too.  Here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  These Eyes

Because they belong to the sweetest kitty, but look oh-so-scary looking out from the stairs. 

2.  This Iris.

Because it seems to be the first to show this season and I can't wait until they all make an appearance.  
3.  This Night.

Because sometimes food is fun to cook over a campfire.  These is actually our fire pit in the backyard, but it's fun to imagine you're camping.

Skylar and tried to duplicate the fun the following day on the stove, but it wasn't the same.  We had fun though, so that's all that mattered.

4.  This Sweet Kitty.

Because she makes the list a lot.  She's the sweetest and I love catching her on the bed when I get out of the shower in the morning.  She helps with making the bed more fun.

5.  This Road Trip.

Because we took a quick trip over to Bend to look at some property we are interested in buying and visited an Army Surplus store while we were there.  We only ended up buying a mat that goes in the back of the car for the dogs, but it was fun to check out the items, nonetheless. The Mr. enjoyed the large, over sized canteens.  


• This Ice Cream.

Because sometimes it's just needed.

• This Flo.

Because we went and had our auto insurance redone to save some money and Flo was just hanging out.  We couldn't pass up a photo op with her!