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Road Trip: A night at the Hilton, a Winterhawks game, and a tour of the USS Blueback

 As the title states, it was a night stay at the Portland Hilton Hotel, a Winterhawks Hockey game, and a tour of the USS Blueback at the Oregon Science and Marine Institute.  It was a good weekend!

We first checked into the Hilton, and Skylar loved the bellhop helping us.  He even got to ride on the luggage cart to our room, so that was a hit!  Our bellhop was a very professional young man and I almost felt as if I had jumped into the story line of Downton Abbey while we were there.

The Wizard of Oz and West Side Story were playing in Portland while we were there.

We walked along the streets of Portland.


Enjoyed a lot of the things we pass over while driving in the car.

We headed back to the hotel and decided to order room service instead of eating at a restaurant.

I even ordered some wine.  The prices seemed just as reasonable as if we bought a glass, bottle, or half a bottle some where else. 

I always love the little items that come with your room service cart.  

And the fancy way that everything is laid out and prepared.

My $30 salad.....ha!  It was very tasty though, I will say!

The boys decided to break in the bed with a little wrestling time.

We rode the Max Train to the Rose Garden for the game.  Skylar's favorite thing in Portland.

Skylar walking into a hockey game for the first time!

Here comes all the Winterhawks!  

And the game has started!

And the Zamboni comes to clean the ice.

Here we go again for the 2nd half!


We took a cab ride back to the hotel, and it was the first cab ride for Skylar and me.  He FLEW threw the streets, I was almost frightened!  It was an interesting ride, I will say that.

The view from our room in the Hilton.

we took another little walk before bed.  

Skylar and PITA walking toward the hotel.

When we checked out the following morning, we were almost sad to leave.  We had such a great stay at the Hilton, we will be going back!

The sky was beautiful that morning we decided to head to OMSI and tour the USS BLUEBACK.

Skylar felt like such a big boy handing the ticket taker our tickets.

We walked the pier and listened to the history behind why the sub is docked at Portland and doesn't move.

And we head inside.

We felt like we stepped onto the set of "The Search for Red October!"

The sub doesn't operate anymore because most of the contents are out of date.  Modern submarines are outfitted with modern equipment and according to the guide, better sleep quarters and food.

I'd love to have that mixer though, haha!


Learn more about the USS BLUEBACK, HERE!

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