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Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's another Friday here in the Willamette Valley, and that means another Five on Friday hosted by Carolina Charm!  This week as been rather foggy here in the Valley, but cleared out by Thursday, and the sun came out!  YAY!  Today it is sunny and even the birds are happy about that!  So here are my Five on Friday for this week.

1.  This Hook.

Because I wanted something to hold the dog leases and these birdies fit the job perfectly. Pick up one similar HERE!

2.  These Birds.

For landing in our yard and taking off ever so gracefully.

3.  This DIY.

Because it was part of the Brit Kit Co-Op and you it was a blast!  Read more HERE!

4.  This Soap.

Because I made it by hand and it's the best soap I have ever used.  No bias there, right?  Well, you can grab you a bar of this wonderful soap from my Etsy shop HERE!

5.  This License Plate.

Because it is now being represented on my car currently.  Looks wonderful.  Learn more about the Wine Country license plate HERE!

What happened this time last year?

What's new with Brit Kits (December Brit+Co Co-Op Party)

Brit+Co has changed my life, and if you are a regular reader of South North South, you have indeed seen many photos of the Brit Kits.  This past spring and fall I participated in the Brit Kit Co-Op and had small DIY parties.  At the DIY parties we were each given a Brit Kit to make and share with the Brit+Co team and give feedback on whether we loved the kit, which every kit we loved!  Recently I have received other Brit Kits throughout the last few months to work with and here is a recap of those kits.

The Rhinestone Wrap Bracelets were a BLAST!  The Brit Kit came with a gold chain, rhinestone chain, and gunmetal chain.  With that you were to thread the chains together with the rhinestones and finish it off with a clasp and jump ring.  The kit came with everything you would need to create this one-of-a-kind bracelet, even the needle-nose pliers!  You can get this kit for $24.99 at the Brit+Co site now!

Another kit is the State-Shaped Memo Board.  With this Brit Kit you receive Cork Boards, an X-acto Knife, Paint, Painter's Tape, and also a free download of the state templates here.  You get everything you need to create a unique and personal memo board to use at home, or at the office.  I ended up making Arkansas and Oregon, and using the three cork board to make a plus sign.  You can get this kit now at the Brit+Co site for under $25.

Then there was the Paint Splattered Travel Case DIY Party.
Unfortunately, we had a power-outage here in the Willamette Valley the night I was set to have my Brit-Kit Co-Op party, so plans took a different turn.  I had everyone take their kits home and then send me photos of their finished projects.


Velcro Brand® also supplied the Velcro needed to make the travel cases.
So thank you Velcro!

And the gold nail polish that comes in the kit was a big hit too!  What else to do in a power-outage?  Paint your nails, of course!

Another kit was the Air Plant String Art kit.  This kit came with a wooden board, hemp twine, nails, and three air plants.  The key was to nail the nails into a fun design and add the string to make it fun.  Once the string was attached to the nails, you simply place the air plants around the board between the string.  

Air plants are easy to keep alive, and string art is one of the fastest growing DIYs out there right now.  I have my finished piece hanging in my shower.  It's so fun to look at everyday.

October's kit was a good one too!  The Clay Candle Holders kit was such a fun DIY to do right before Halloween.  I love working with polymer clay, so this kit was perfect!  The kit comes with three different colors of polymer clay, three glass tea light holders, sucker sticks, and the tea light candles to place in the finished product.  Such a fun kit to do, and it brightest up any room.  

November brought about Oreo Turkey Pops!  How cute are these?


The kit came with everything you need, and then some, to make these fun Turkeys.  This kit was such a blast for my son to help make too!  The kit came with Wilton Candy Melts in chocolate, Oreo's, Caramels, Candy Eyeballs, Fruit Slices, Piping Bag, Sucker Sticks, Small Orange Sprinkles, Red Heart-Shaped Sprinkles, and a Decorating tip.

By smashing the fruit slices together to create the tail and stacking the rest on top of each other, these Turkey Pops were so easy to make.  And eating them was so fun too!  It's such a great kit for kids!  You can get this kit, that makes six pops, on the Brit + Co site for under $25.

And finally December's kit.  This Brit Kit came in the form of a Brit Kit Co-Op party and boy was it a blast!   Everything came for each party-goer to make their very own Giant Decorative Ornament.

Food was set for a night of fun and DIY!  Even the Grinch grapes were ready!

Everyone had fun coming up with different designs to add to their Giant Ornament.

Some serious concentration here.

Such a wonderful and fun company that provides so many wonderful DIY kits for any one's interest.  You can subscribe to the Brit Kits in the form of a month, three months, or longer.  Check them out here!

What happened this time last year?

Five on Friday: Spark of Loves this Week

It's Friday!  YAY!  Finally getting over sicknesses in our house and can get back to my normal routine.  So over the winter and want the sun back!  It's so grey here most of the winter, so the sun will be welcomed with open arms when it finally comes out of hiding.  Anyway, back to Friday,  My week has been pretty uneventful, but nonetheless, we had some excitement with the week that I would love to share.  Here are my Five on Friday!

1.  This Magazine.

After going through a box of old magazines that were my mother-in-laws, I found this one.  It's from the exact date and month when I was born.  I thumbed through it and swooned over a few of the ads and articles.  So fun to look back.

2.  This Oil Burner.

Because it really has helped knock out the sniffles and sickness that have come and gone in our house over the last week or so. 

3.  My Subscription to Birchbox.

Received my first package in December.  It was sort of a Christmas gift to myself sort of package.  I have wanted to subscribe to Birchbox for awhile now, and I finally just DID IT!  Love the first package and am on pins and needles for January's box to arrive!

4.  These Gals.

Because they share the Outlander obsession with me!  If you haven't read Outlander, it's part of the South North South Reading List, so check it out!

5.  This Tea Kettle.
Because it was from my boys and has helped me relax a lot faster with my tea time moments.

A few more things that made my week.

• This scare.
Because it scared me and made me laugh so hard.  I mean a down right belly laugh and I loved it.  I had Skylar picking up some fallen tree branches and he put one on top of his head, like a deer, and tapped on the window.  He didn't mean to scare me, but it was a good laugh for both of us.  

• This Movie.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you, I am OBSESSED with anything Mary Poppins.  I even have a pin board on Pinterest, and also a Facebook group that I keep to share my obsession.  So when my hubby surprised me with a date night out to see "Saving Mr. Banks" I was so excited!  And I will say, this movie is amazing!  I love how Walt Disney and P.L. Travers is depicted in the movie so much.  I love it!  

• This Moment.


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