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My little boy turns 10

I woke up this morning and a scary feeling came over me.  I realized my little boy turns 10 tomorrow!  10!  It's been 10 years that he has been on this planet and through everything we have endured together, he is still the very best thing that's come into my life.  He makes everyday better and makes my world a better place.  He has taught me to slow down, enjoy the little things, and smile even when I feel my very worst.

He has brought me laughter, joy, and just an unbelievable satisfaction I never knew I could feel.  I am so proud of who he has become in 10 years and everything he has taught me throughout his life.

Skylar-Braden, I am so glad you're my son.  You give me so much more than you know!  I love you!

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My Little Boy

© Sabrina A. Hernandez
No amount of gold could ever compare, to the gift of love that my son shares.
I've been blind and I couldn't see that all the love I've wanted is right here in front of me.
He gives reason to get through another day.
Maybe it's how he loves me in his special little way.
And when it gets hard for me to sleep at night....
He wraps his little arms around me and says God will make things right!
From sweet gentle touches to his bear hugs and a kiss...
He makes this hell on earth seem more like a peaceful bliss.
That great big kool-aid smile and the twinkle in his eyes....
Every time I look at him it makes me want to cry.
But they're not tears of sorrow; they're tears of pride and joy....
To know that all the love in heaven is wrapped around my little boy

Five on Friday!

I have joined in on the fun over at Carolina Charm with her Five on Friday linkup.  I adore linkups and this one is a lot of fun.  It's similar to the Spark of Loves this Week post that I have been doing already, but this time it will be five things I am loving.  In the process, I get to do the Friday loves with a whole slew of ladies that love to blog too.  So without further ado, here are my Five on Friday loves.

1.  This Starling.

Because he was dancing in the rain and just putting on the cutest show.  Here in Oregon Starlings are a nuisance, but this one was showing that he was more than just an annoying little bird, he also has some skills.

2.  Our Homeschooling Room.

This year I have finally done what I have wanted to do since Skylar started school, homeschooling.  We have had such a great time with it so far and I hope we can continue for the following years after.  We set up a small section on the far part of our dining room and it's working out just great!  Skylar even picked a name out for our little school, The Rain Valley School and our mascot is the Red Snails.  Ha!

3.  This Hike.

For Worldwide Day of Play, Skylar and I headed out to McDowell Creek Park to hike to the waterfall.  We had a great day and my legs and back got a VERY good workout!

We even got to see a small rainbow on the drive back home.

4.  These Invitations.

Skylar is celebrating his 10-year birthday this year and for that we are having a small mini-golf party for him at Lake Shore Lanes Miniature Golf Course on Sunday!  I can't wait to see all of his little friends and him putting the golf balls around the course.  I just hope the Oregon rain stays away that afternoon, if not, we will be doing some bowling at LSL instead.  

5.  This Curl.

With all the rain of Oregon lately my hair has been displaying its natural curls.  This little curl was at the end of my ponytail and I loved how perfect it looked.  

What's Cooking Wednesdays; Quick and easy meatless quesadillas

I've started linking up with What's Cooking?  Wednesdays over at Going the Distance Blog with Jenn.  You can link up as well, every Wednesday with your own recipes to add to the mix.  And while you are over there, visit some of the other blogs that have linked to find out new and exciting recipes.  

These are one of my favorite things to make for Meatless Monday, or just a lazy dinner night in our house.  Everyone loves them and they are so quick and fast to make.

Here's what you'll need:

• Regular cheddar jack or 'Mexican" cheese blend shredded cheese
• Flour Tortillas
• Taco Seasoning Mix ( You can also make your own)
• 8 oz. Sour Cream (Fat Free)

And here's the process:
Combine the taco seasoning package (1.25 oz.) to the 8 oz of sour cream and combine completely.  Let sit for about 10 minutes to incorporate the seasonings into the sour cream.

Meanwhile, on an electric griddle, lay two of the flour tortillas and allow to heat thoroughly.  Don't allow to brown completely though.  And then flip over.

Coat the entire surface of your tortilla with the taco seasoning mixture.

Add the cheese......

Cheese is my weakness so I always add a lot.

Add another tortilla on top and allow to brown on both sides.  Flip only once and then cut with a pizza cutter into 4-equal triangles.  

Or, flip the side over for half a quesadilla and serve with the sour cream mixture, salsa, or guacamole.

Have you ever tried pineapple on the grill, or how about avocado on the grill?  It's rather tasty and I do recommend it.  The two pair nicely with the recipe from above!


Eco-Tip:  Be sure and insulate your windows for the upcoming winter season.  Insulating your exterior openings can really help cut down on the lost of heat this season.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me:  Go Green!

Upgrade before my move: New Car!

For the past (embarrassingly enough) nine years, we have held back on buying a new car for other things like, trips, new furniture, and even little items like a gazebo for the backyard here at the Hiatt House in Oregon.  But with my move coming up, it was time for an upgrade to a better vehicle that would be able to make the long haul from Oregon to Arkansas.

This trade-in and upgrade was a bit of a bitter sweet moment.  The car we traded in was an Oldsmobile Achieva and was a gift from my parents.  It was also the same car that Jeff and I brought Skylar home in, so letting go of it was sad to me, but it was a much needed trade that should have happened awhile ago.

We ended up going to South Pacific Auto Sales in Albany, Oregon for the car.  I searched and searched for weeks online to find a good car that suited our needs.  Even though I wasn't really looking for a used car, this Jeep jumped out at me when I saw it.  We test drove it and knew we had to have it!  It was perfect!

We got treated so well at South Pacific that I have to give them props for others to go there.  If you live in or around the Willamette Valley of Oregon, give them a try for your next car, they are amazing!

We went with the Jeep Compass Sport because it came with a lot of great things such as, sunroof, an actually two-prong 115v plug in, a very roomy trunk space, factory-tinted windows, great gas mileage, the color is beautiful, and cloth seats.  Going from a car that had leather seats, I welcomed cloth, especially in the summer months.

We signed over the title, gave them the keys, and said goodbye to the old car.  It was a bittersweet moment, but we are glad to have a more reliable car now.

It was a good feeling to go on the dealer site and see the word "SOLD" across the top of the picture.  This car is going to give us many good road trips ahead and to break her in we are driving her all the way from Oregon to Arkansas.

Spark of Loves this Week

These Lucifer's Tongue Flowers.

Because I will miss how lovely they are in front of the house in Oregon when I am gone.  You can see more here through Flickr.

This Snack.

Because it was fun.

This Color.

Because it was the color that came in my Brit Kit for this month and it was a nice change.

This Watermelon.

Because he ate it while watching Arthur and spending the day in his underwear.

This Timeline.

Because the move from Oregon back to Arkansas is really happening in less than a week.

This Grasshopper.

Because it was so tiny and Skylar found it.

This Beer.

Because I changed it to El Hefe in honor of Jeff one day.  His nickname is El Hefe to some.  It was a good laugh.

This Picture.

Because my birthday falls on the same day as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's famous, "I have a dream" speech.  This year marked the 50th anniversary.  It's sort of a special day times two.

This Car.

Because we finally did it, we traded off the old maroon car we received as a gift from my parents 10 years ago.  We went with a Jeep Compass, and it is perfect for our needs.  And we get to break it in by driving it all the way back to Arkansas soon.

This Car.

Because Ugly Betty will be missed in more ways than one.  This is the exact car that Skylar was brought home from the hospital when he was born.  She really, really will be missed.

Eco-Tip:  It's time for back to school for many kids, so why not send them back to school with greener school supplies.  Look for items that are made from recycled materials over virgin materials this year.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me:  Go Green.