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Road trip: Sunriver, Oregon

This past Christmas The Mr. won a trip to Sunriver, Oregon, at his company Christmas party and we were thrilled to go again. If you remember, we went on a similar trip back in 2013 and had a blast! The first trip had us staying in a house, which is for sale now, and this trip had us staying at the resort in a suite condo. It was a lot different than before, but just as fun. We always have a lot of fun when we go to Sunriver. Sometimes we just drive over for the day, or even stay a night and enjoy what Sunriver ha to offer. This last trip was for three days and two nights and it was one for the books.

The suite we stayed in was right off the golf course in Sunriver Resort. We had a downstairs suite with a built-in fireplace. It was a bit chilly that weekend, so it was a nice addition.

The resort itself if a beautiful building sitting right in the middle of Sunriver.


Our suite had the brightest yellow door that just said "cheers" and we were completely thrilled at winning yet another Sunriver getaway!

The inside of the suite was set up like a tiny home and we loved it. The fireplace was perfect!


We loved the porch attached to the back of the suite and it was facing the golf course, which The Mr. loved too!

The Mr. went out a few times to find some fly-away golf balls and while out there I had him grab The Bean and me some large pine cones.

Our trip also included a massage and spa treatment from Sage Springs Club Spa. The Mr. and I thoroughly enjoyed the 50 minutes of pampering we received. The Sage Springs Club Spa is a great place to relax and forget the time. They offer many options for spa treatment, or just some time to soak in the hot tubs there.

The one thing we love about Sunriver is the bike trails and bike rental places throughout the area. Many people don't even own a car within Sunriver and get around by bicycle, or walking.

Another plus of Sunriver is all of the deer. Some of these deer just walk right up to you, or bed down in the evenings right in the front yards of homes. It's a nature lovers dream place, for sure.

While on our trip we decided to check out the Nature Center and got a great look at common animals that thrive in and around the Central Oregon area.

The Nature Center is also a rehabilitation center for injured animals. These Great Horned Owls were injured and brought to the Nature Center to be nursed back to health before being released back into the wild. The Nature Center also had a hawk too, but it was behind a darkened panel for rehab and safety. 

The Mr. and I loved the Mallard ducks swimming in and around the Nature Center.

The swans were a nice treat too.

This Sunriver trip was great! We always have such a wonderful time here and can't wait to return. Our hearts belong to Sunriver, that's for sure!

View of Mt. Bachelor from Sunriver.

View of North, Middle, and South Sister from Sisters, Oregon

Coyotes are pretty common running through the farm fields in and around Central Oregon. This coyote was seen in Sisters, Oregon, hunting muskrats, field mice, or even rabbits.

I just can't get enough of this view every time we head over the Cascade Mountain range. It's a breathtaking view and I feel it isn't fair that I get this view whenever I want and others don't.

Mount Washington

Black Butte

Iron work in a farm field in Sisters, Oregon, with the view of Three Sisters.

And last but definitely not least, Three Finger Jack before heading back over the mountains back to the Willamette Valley.