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Five simple things

So I am posting this from Arkansas...

We left out bright and early Wednesday morning to Portland.  The sun wasn't even showing when we took off, but it made it's appearance as we got closer to the airport.

We have a community Halloween party scheduled tonight. It's crazy to think that much time has passed since we had the Halloween party for the community, when I was a kid.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and how life has been for the past 20+ years. Here are five things this week, so far.

1.  This Rose.

Because it was still blooming when we took off on Wednesday for the airport.  I was thrilled to see it before we left.  I hope some of the blooms are still showing when we return.

2.  These Animals.

Because they were sad to see us go, but I know they are being well looked after and I will be excited to see them when we get back.

3.  Our Backyard Cleanup.


Because we were actually able to get it all cleaned up before we took off.  It's supposed to rain a ton while we are gone, so I am glad we got everything taken in.  One less thing to worry about while we are out of state.

4.  This Chair.

We ran a few errands before we flew out of Oregon and this chair caught our interest when we stopped by the sporting goods store. We didn't buy it, but we did play on it for awhile.

5.  These Ducks.

Because while we were in Albany, we couldn't help but stop to feed them. 


• This treat and this dinner.

I'm missing summer strawberry shortcakes from Burgerville and some good soups from Panera Bread.  I think I might make of both at home when we return from our trip.  Who says you can't have strawberry shortcake in the fall?  

• These Flowers and this couch.

Because sunflowers are a perfect d├ęcor for this time of year and I can't get over how much I'm loving our new couch. 

• These Solar Lights.

Because they are pretty and still glowing the morning we left for the airport on Wednesday.  

• This Little Free Library

Because we took a walk a few days before we left and exchanged our books for new reads on the plane. If you aren't familiar with Little Free Libraries, check them out here.

Oregon skies

Oregon skies are some of the best I've ever seen.  There is always a cloud, or blue shade that is picture-worthy and I can't help but snap some pictures when I see it.  They say the sky is blue because of the reflection from the ocean, but there are times I think Oregon just has it's own way of showing beauty over other places.  Not a day goes by that there isn't something pretty to look at above our heads here.



Five simple things

Another week has come to a close.  We have had a busy enjoyable week.  We leave in four days to fly to Arkansas for Halloween and the days leading up to it are slowly closing in on us.  I've been on a frantic schedule trying to get everything done before we take off.  I am still needing to finish up Skylar's costume and I hope I get it all done!  If I stay on track from now until then, I should complete it all. Fingers crossed!  So here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  This Walk.

Because it's a walk filled with history.  There is a walking/bike path along the Willamette River and it's a burst of historical information about the past.

The Van Buren Street Bridge in Corvallis, Oregon, is packed full of wonderful information about its birth.

Opening up to traffic (automobile and foot) in 1913 and was the first bridge across the river in Corvallis, Oregon. Present day, it is the third oldest bridge across the Willamette. It used to swing open for boats passing down the river, but in 1980 the opening of the bridge was closed down and the passage is no longer used for large vessels. The bridge is now part of the list of National Historic Places.

A plaque at the base of the Van Buren Bridge that states that Corvallis, Oregon used to be known as Marysville in 1851.  The town of Corvallis used to be a town thriving with miners and was known as Marysville with two parts called Upper Town and Lower Town.  Where the bridge sits on the Willamette was Lower Town and was a hopping off point on the way to the mines.  The plaque sits where a boat landing used to be and is now lost in history along with the bridge.  

Even though this picture is dark, I love how it turned out.  The sky, the lights, the dark trees and buildings.  It almost leaves a lot to the imagination of what it could be.

2.  This Coffee Stand.

I tried something new at this coffee bar and it was delicious.  Of course, it's probably terribly bad for me, but one every other month, or so, can't be too bad.  It's black tea mixed with Redbull and blackberry flavor.  I'm not a big fan of Redbull, but this combination wasn't bad.  I'm sure the same flavors can be achieved with something less harmful.  What's living on the edge, if you don't ever try, right?  Check out Black Rock Coffee Bar here.

3.  This Polymer Clay Section.

Because I've gotten more into working with the clay and making new items for my shop.  I am loving all the colors and creative things I've been coming up with lately.  Check them out here.
This polymer clay is at Hobby Lobby.

4.  These Vegetables.

Because we've been slowly cleaning our diet up and eating more raw foods.  Vegetables are the easiest and have been delicious lately.  I've already lost 18 pounds making the change and have been feeling the energy change as well.  Fingers crossed that I can keep up the habit though the holidays too.

5.  This Soap.

Because I've been playing around with different acne soaps.  The one pictured here seems to be the best recipe so far.  Look for these soaps to show up in the shop soon!  Check out the lavender soap here.

What's new in the shop:

1.  These Bird Prints:

These aren't so much new, as they are more.  I've created three more to add to the shop collection.  They are hand painted and twig feet have been added.  They are super cute and can help add some color to your bookshelf this fall season.  Check them out here.

2.  This Star Garland.

This minimal star garland is perfect for decoration for this coming holiday season.  They are made from brilliant red polymer clay and attached to white cotton yarn.  They are in one yard sections and longer sections can be requested, as well as other colors for the yarn and the stars.  More will come over time, but the red is available now for $10.  Check it out here.

3.  These Clay Eraser.

Made from pink eraser clay and in the shape of a fun button.  These is a great addition to a kids' school box to refresh school supplies during the fall break from school.  Complete eraser for large flaws or pencil marks.  This listing comes with two erasers for $6.00.  Check them out here.

Great Scott! It's Back to the Future Day

Today is considered "Back to the Future Day."  Why?  Because when Doc Brown was setting the destination time on the car's dash monitor, the date read October 21, 2015, in the sequel of the movie.

Here are some things you can do today to celebrate 'Back to the Future Day':

  • Drive 88 miles an hour.  Um....well, maybe dream of it in your head while you're stuck in traffic.
  • ...............................................................
  • Watch "Back to the Future" on repeat.
  • ...............................................................
  • Yell, "GREAT SCOTT!" at everything and everyone.
  • ...............................................................
  • Take your picture standing in front of a clock tower.
  • ...............................................................
  • Drink lots of Pepsi and imagine ordering food from a teleprompter with Michael Jackson taking your order on it.

We love the 'Back to the Future' movies in our house.  Skylar loves the third one because it has a train in it, but I have to say that Mr. and I enjoy the original.  I remember being at our neighbor's house, the Fryars, when I first watched 'Back to the Future.'  I wasn't really tuned into the movie as much as I am now, but I have to say, the movie was pretty cool, even back then.  

Pepsi has been quoted as having a shortage of their Pepsi Perfect bottles for today.  We have been on a mad hunt to try and find one, bit alas we have not been successful at all in our scavenge.

Well, it seems that the only thing we've really gained in our world, according to 'Back to the Future' is the Pepsi bottles.  Of course, hoverboards would have been cool, and according to Yahoo Tech, it won't happen for awhile longer.  The closest we've come is a board with a small "rollerblade-type" ball under it while you balance on top. 

 As far as the other items shown on the sequel on the movies, the jacket was one that seemed to be impressive.  

There is a replica that you can purchase.  Of course, it doesn't dry you like the one in the movie, but the jacket is still pretty close to the original.  Halloween is coming too, so maybe a good Halloween costume idea?

A few other items from the movie include, the hat, the hoverboard, and the almanac.

....The shoes, the movie poster, and a license plate.


 And don't forget Huey Lewis and the News - Back in Time......

Hope you enjoy your 'Back to the Future Day' and check out some of your local movie theaters that are having a one day showing of the movies.  It seems the ones around me are all showing them in honor of the movie and celebration today.  Check out Toyota's recreation of Marty McFly's Truck.