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Week-End: Things that made my week awesome (Extras: Vinyl chalkboard and homemade flour)

Wow, what a great week! We've been on a steady pace of bike riding lately and today we are taking off on a 60 mile bike ride when The Mr. gets home from work. It's a real drag when he has to work all weekend, but the positive is, he loves what he does. The Bean and I took off yesterday and rode about 15 miles from our home to The Mr.'s job. It was hot, but manageable heat. The sun was behind us for the entire ride, so it made it better to ride in. It's always funny to me how people in the northwest say that 98 degrees is hot-Thinking of Arkansas every time I hear that. My brother told me it's been 107 there already! I miss Arkansas heat, but only during the winters here in the northwest. Other times, not so much. Ha! Hopefully I will have some great photos to share of our bike ride today. Sometimes I don't get to snap many because of the pace we keep, but I will share something, so check back during the week and see what I have posted. Our bike ride today will be more of a late afternoon/evening ride, so the sun won't be beating down on us too bad. Meanwhile, here are the things that made this week awesome!

1.  This View

This view is along the highway leading in and out of the valley where we live. When the clover is in bloom and the beehives are in the field, the view looks so magnificent at random times throughout the day.

2. This Chalkboard

I have wanted to paint this framed glass for awhile now, but wasn't sure what it would become once it was painted. It now serves as a menu board for our kitchen and I am still deciding where it's home will be on the wall. Maybe propped up on the table is a good place for it to stay. 

3.  These Socks

These are my new golfing socks for the moment. The Bean has always called himself "The Deer," so I think these are a great way to keep that silliness going, even on the golf course.

4.  This Meal

A lot of fellow bloggers are into ready-made, home delivered meal kits, but I find them way overpriced for what you get. The Mr. and I can make a week's worth of meals for a lot cheaper and the food options through those kits are limited. This salmon and green beans came from our local co-op and costs us less than $5 a plate. It was delicious! (the herbs on top came right out of my herb garden: rosemary, lavender, and dill)

5.  This Car

We had to make a run to the local Walmart this week and even though we dread going there, sometimes we have to suck it up. The Mr. got a prescription filled and we had to go inside to pick it up. The trip wasn't all that bad though because this great car was in the parking lot and parked right beside us. The Bean thought it was great and my heart melted when he said, "It reminds me of Downton Abbey, mommy." *paint me proud* for his reference. 

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Have a great Sunday!

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A walk along the South Santiam River

We always enjoy exploring our own town and the many reaches we can go to just by leaving our front step and taking a walk. The South Santiam River runs through the town and it has a vast exploration that needs to be conquered by us.  We have a rather large bucket list of things we still would like to do and most of those adventures take place within 30 miles of the house we live in. If there's a chance we can get to it either by foot, or by bike, we'll go. 

It was a beautiful day to go check out the south end of the South Santiam River. The dogs always are eager to go walk or ride with us when we bicycle, but today just screamed, "take it on foot!" 

The Bean always loves to see "what will float."

A great hike along the South Santiam River and spending time with the boys, it was a good day.

Road Trip: Chinook Winds golf trip

On the weekend of July Fourth we took a trip to the coast line and used some gift certificates we had received the previous year. We had participated in the annual Pirate Treasure Hunt at Depoe Bay and won a goody box full of gift certificates and prizes. We also outbid others on some nice prize certificates, too. One certificate was for a box of solar lights for the garden and free games of 18-hole golf and dinner at Chinook Winds Casino. We ended up making a weekend of it and enjoying Fourth of July along the coast.

We took advantage of the smaller certificates on our way up to the casino. One was for O'Downey's Irish Pub & Family Dining right in the heart of Depoe Bay. We ended up grabbing some pub sliders to go. With the other certificate it was to The Taffy Depoe for one pound of fresh saltwater taffy. 

Waving, solar powered Queen and Napoléon in a local shop near The Taffy Depoe.

Both places in Depoe Bay are worth a stop if you're passing through. Depoe Bay sits right on the coast line and is home of the World's Smallest Harbor.

Passing through Depoe Bay we headed up the coast line toward Chinook Winds in Lincoln City, Oregon. One of the places you pass is called Boiler Bay.
It's a beautiful coast-overlook of the Pacific Ocean. We arrived at Boiler Bay during sunset and the view was endless across the ocean and as the sun hit the water it was beautiful.

In Lincoln City, Oregon there is the "D" River, which is the World's Shortest river.

We arrived at Chinook Winds around 9:00 p.m. It was still daylight here on the pacific coast. But once the sun starts setting it doesn't take long for it to disappear.

We checked into our ocean-front room and we got a front row seat of the sun setting.

We ordered room service once we got all settled in our room and our stuff unpacked. I love ordering room service where we go because it's just fun to get something delivered to your room by a waiter.
Our meal was beer-battered cod with seasoned fries. It came to our room steaming hot and was delicious!

The coleslaw that came with the platter was the best I've had in awhile.

As the sun was slowly fading behind the ocean, we saw a lot of wildlife throughout the evening. There were people setting up camp fires on the beach to watch the sunset, too. It was so picturesque.

We stayed in the Casino Resort and enjoyed the large indoor pool until about 10:00 p.m.

The following morning we took advantage of the breakfast for two voucher we received at checking and took off toward the Chinook's Seafood Grill.

The window view of the restaurant was of ocean and seagulls.

This ceramic speckled coffee mug and creamer cup caught my eye and I went on a mad hunt to find something similar once we arrived by home. I found it

After breakfast we met our tee time at 10:00 a.m.
We used the gift certificate for The Mr. and my round and paid for The Bean to play. The Bean has been getting more involved in golf and after all of the sports we've tried out he really has taken to golf a lot. And of course, The Mr. is pleased.

Chinook Winds golf course is beautifully laid out. It used to be a nine-hole course and turned into an 18-hole course over time. The nine holes are on the outside of the course and the other finishing nine are fit into the inside of the course. It's a bit confusing the first time you play them, but once through it all makes sense of the layout. Not the best course we've been on, but it was beautiful being next to the ocean while you play.

(Do you see the heron?)

The first hole of the course reminds you of the Ninety-Degree Rule right away.

The Mr. plucked it off right away and we were ready to go!

This hole was crazy! You swing on top of the hill and finish at the bottom of the hill. It took The Mr. four swings, The Bean six, and I finished out with 10. Ha!

The Mr. and The Bean had a great time and I just enjoyed being present and watching them together. We ate lunch at Ace's Bar & Grill and headed back down the coastline on Highway 101.

The Mr. definitely won this golf game.

The Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon. Last year we spent Fourth of July in Newport and it was nice to be visiting it again. Out annual beach trip changes from year to year, but we definitely are having fun planning something different each year.

Along the Newport Bayfront.

Near Toledo, Oregon.

Historical marker in Eddyville, Oregon. Eddyville, Oregon will soon be bypassed by the new roadway that spans past the entire town. This historical marker is along the old roadway.

On Monday, July Fourth, The Mr. and The Bean put on a small light show for the evening. It was nice to be back home, kicked back with a glass of wine, and enjoy my boys having fun.

This road trip is definitely one for the books! It was a blast golfing with the boys at Chinook Winds and we always have a great time on road trips. Check out our other road trips with hashtag #snsroadtrips across the web.