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My very first BRIT CO-OP DIY party (PAR-DIY)

On April 27, Saturday, I had my very first Brit Kit Co-Op DIY party.  It was a BLAST!   I received my Brit Kits about a week before, so I had plenty of time to prepare for the party. 

The theme was a chalkboard theme and let me tell you, everyone that came to this DIY party LOVED the craft. 

I prepared for my DIY party Saturday morning and stuck with the chalkboard theme throughout the decor, when I could.

Party City and Kettle Brand Chips help bring this Brit Kit party to life with their additions with chips and party supplies.

My girlfriends helped me say thank you to Party City and Kettle Brand Chips,when they showed up to help me prepare.

Once the other DIY'ers showed up we started making our chalkboard cheese trays.

The bottle and wine tags were a lot of fun!

Part of the party goods from Party City were Etch-It Spots cup labels.  These were great and went right along with the chalkboard theme too.

Even the men had a good time with this DIY craft.

Get your own Brit Kits HERE!

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After the party I received a text from one of the DIY'ers to say thanks.  So sweet!

Such a fun and crafty party and I can't wait to see what the theme if for May's DIY Brit Kit.

You can get your own DIY Brit Kits HERE through the Brit + Co site.  Also, check out the wonderful chips through Kettle Brand Chips.  If you're having a party soon, give Party City a try too!

Thank You Brit + Co for allowing me to be a Brit Kit Host!  

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A day at the coast (Nye Beach, Greenstone Inn, Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and the Undersea Gardens)

The beautiful weather we have had lately we couldn't help but take advantage of it with a drive over to the coast.  We stayed at the Greenstone Inn, which is now, The Inn at Nye Beach.  It was a beautiful weekend too and the sun didn't hesitate to stay out all the while   

We also took a turn of the Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and the Undersea Gardens while we were there too.

Skylar left me a wonderful message on the mirror after I got out of the shower one morning too!

The Greenstone Inn was so pretty too.  We loved the fact that it was right on the coast and we could hear the waves crashing at night while we slept.

The Titanic display was incredible   It even offered a small dish to feel how cold the water was for the ones that died that fate-filled night.  It was quite a learning experience for all of us.  

Skylar and I got our pictures taken.

And we played a few (frustrating) games.

Stopped at Whale Cove to take a few pictures.

I was a beautiful and fun weekend!

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