Tired of being tired?

Our garden currently: Summertime

Summertime is coming to a close here in the valley and we've had quite a display of color around the garden.  Sadly, some of these won't last much longer here.

Lucifer's tongue.

My hanging baskets to brighten up the front yard.  I love how full and colorful they are!



Looking forward to picking some pumpkins soon!

Our first attempt at organic strawberries.

Lots of pool time for us this summer.  It was pretty warm, so a nice dip in the pool was definitely a must!

A good harvest of carrots this year.  We've been enjoying them all season.

Signs of fall slowly showing.

We never have issues growing zucchini.

Our little pumpkin patch.

We moved our raised beds over to the other end of the yard, but used old bricks from a fireplace....

 ............to create a large pumpkin patch where the raised beds used to be.


My sweet raspberry bush made a wonderful comeback this year.

We had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes.  We didn't do so well with the romas though.  Not sure where we went wrong, but we are thinking the seeds were bad from the start.

Zinnas were a great addition to the garden this year.  They were slow going at first, but them took off.  These make a great cut flower too.

Strawberries were a great addition this year.  They really took off and next year they will be amazing!

Sunflowers on the edge of the raised bed.

Rosemary and cucumbers.

We even added a privacy screen of bamboo to the fencing to block off our backyard this year.  We will be working on it throughout the winter as well.  

Five simple things

Another week down and another weekend.  I'm a day late on this post because I was so tired on Saturday, I'll admit, I just laid around and did nothing.  The first week that I've actually had less time than things to get done, so I'm glad for the weekend of relaxation.  So here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  These caramel apples


Because they were fun to wrap and even more fun to eat!

2.  This sign

Because it reminds me that October will soon be here and so will The Walking Dead.  We've been watching Fear the Walking Dead and it's pretty good too, if you're a zombie/apocalypse fan.  And if you want to get really involved, you can check out my Doomsday Prep blog here, or my pin board on Pinterest.  (Don't forget, weather is a good reason to prep, as well.)

3.  This cocktail kit

Because it was part of an upgrade to my normal monthly Birchbox and it was really fun to use.  You can get one here.

4.  This tiny snail

Because they have been everywhere lately here in the Willamette Valley and I can't help but pick them up.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a few that I've held.

5.  This marker tip for the classroom

Because it works perfectly.  I saw something similar on Pinterest a few weeks back and decided to give it a go in our little classroom.  After hunting down this strip from Velcro Brand, it all came together.