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Five Simple Things (July 29)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Ice Cream.

Although we make homemade ice cream all year long in our ice cream maker, we decided this summer to try out a few new recipes. This one is mint/chip and after tweaking the ingredients a bit, we had a hit.

2. These Items.

After longing to wait to try Necessaire for awhile now, I finally ordered a few of the items I've had my eye on. Absolutely loving the Eucalyptus scent and the body scrub and body wash are amazing! You can try them here for yourself. Also this week, Kiwi Eco Box came and never disappointed in the items. The wooden comb is going to get used overtime in our house. You can snag August's shipment box here.

3. This Episode.

This week we put out a new podcast episode at Diabolic Evil. Thomas D. Carr was a self-proclaimed serial killer and was hanged for his crimes. You can listen to this new episode of yet another 1800s serial killer, and listen to our other episodes here. (And, we thank you for your support)

4. This View.

The base of the Cascade Mountain Range is always a lovely sight no matter what season. This summer was a summer of new for us here in Oregon. After 2020 and 2021 being a year of healing, 2022 has been a summer of new, as I like to call it. Everything was dormant for awhile because of the wildfires here, but this year, everything opened up and exploded with color and beauty. I hope the summer of 2023 is just as wonderful. 

5. This Canvas.

We are absolutely loving our canvas poster of Vigo the Carpathia. Any true Ghostbusters fan can appreciate this life-size authentic movie print, too. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our house, too, and honestly, we just love that.

Positive affirmations this week:

July 24 is International Self-Care Day and with that we should always been grateful of the chance to give ourselves some much needed love and affection. Although, carving out some time each day is a great way to give yourself some love, having a day to recognize that reminds us just how important it is. In our house we have wellness Wednesday and Self-car Sundays, because we absolutely need it. You, too, need to show yourself some love and practice self-care regularly. Below are some printable tips to help get you started. You are loved and you deserve the best!

Have a good weekend.

Five Simple Things (July 22)


Here are five things this week. 

1. These Flowers.

Been trying to keep more fresh flowers inside our house. I also have been pressing the flowers once their time is spent. I would like to do something with them eventually, but for right now having fresh flowers and pressed flowers are definitely a plus.
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2. This Souvenir. 

We have a Geocache in front of our house and with that we are pretty active Geocachers. Recently we won a giveaway for a trackable with Jack Links. We are super excited to activate it and add it to our own Geocache.

3. This Box.

Always excited to receive my monthly beauty box from Kinder Beauty. Absolutely loving everything in July's box. You can get on the list for August here.

4. This Dinner.

Another experiment via Fire to Fork.

5. This Cutie.

Quappy duck is getting bigger and more curious. Love how she looks up at us when she's spending time in front of her mirror. She's been a cool, little ducky to watch grow. We also retired her little transport box this week, too. She's a big girl now with her own space and room to run around and she seems to like it.
Great updates on her can be seen on my Instagram page.

Positive affirmations this week:
Don't ever let other people take away your worth. Allow yourself to feel like you deserve just as good of treatment as anyone else. You are enough, no matter what others try to convince you of. You can do this!

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (July 15)


Here are five things this week.

1. This Art.

Street art in and around Corvallis, Oregon, really makes some of the city streets pop with color and this one is no exception.

2. This Kitty.
Always in the sun and near me.

3. This Ducky.

Sweet, little Quappy duck. She's growing and very curious.

4. This View.

These were the first images of the James Webb Space Telescope this week. No matter how many times I feel I can not be impressed by space images, I continue to be impressed. This image is of emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars in the Carina Nebula that were previously obscured. You can see more images like this, and read about the James Webb Telescope here.

5. These Tomatoes.

Nothing smells more like summertime than the smell of tomato plants. It will always be part of my summer of good memories.

Positive affirmations this week:
Love actually is all around you. 

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (July 8)


Here are five things this week.

1. This "Neighborhood."

We love little paper neighborhoods, like our one from The Neighborhood from Vivint, and this week we found these at IKEA. 

2. These Items.

Our Might Nest shipment this month included sunblock as the Might Fix and I added on compostable food wrap. We have cut our plastic use by 95% in our household and this wrap will help with that journey. You can check out everything Might Nest has to offer and sign up for their Mighty Fix that comes once a month here.

3. These Eggs.

I've been trying to get better at my cooking, especially basic cooking skills. These eggs were a test to see if I could actually do it without burning them. They were a bit overdone on the bottom, but progress was seen and tasted.

4. These Clippers.

These clippers were used on Baz each summer and since his passing I've been hanging onto little things that bring memories of him. Lately, I've been "letting go" of things like this. I'm still living in the land of the dead, but small steps are helping me slowly accept that he is gone. Meia's nose prints are still on the bedroom window. I'm not quite ready for those yet. One day at a time.

5. This Award.

Skylar has been doing great in his job and he is slowly gaining knowledge of vehicles. This week he won a training award for knowledge of parts sold through the company. Even though he is 18, we are still always so proud of his accomplishments and success.  

Positive affirmations this week:

Have a nice weekend.

July Fourth 2022

 Hope your July Fourth was a "blast." We spent a quiet day/evening at home and away from crowds. We needed some downtime, so July Fourth helped with that. We had picked up a few random sets of fireworks and we all enjoyed our own little street show. It was a good evening. Two days before on July 2, we headed to the beach, not to surf this time, but to walk along the sand and enjoy the ocean from afar. It's nice to spend some time at the coast just being there instead of in the water. We had a great two days bringing in America's 246th declaration birthday. Hope your Fourth was just as special.