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Five simple things


...from the snowy Willamette Valley. Finally we got some powder this week and The Bean and I were thrilled. The Mr. was even stoked that it came down and it was falling on him pretty heavy when we left the house on Wednesday morning. It didn't stick around long, but at least we got some ground cover and were able to enjoy it before noon when the sun came out and took it all away. And at least I can say we got some sunshine too. It's been a pretty enjoyable week here. I will be playing around with different breads over the weekend; wheat, sour dough, and possibly some kalamata. For now, here are the things that made my week.

1. These Mount Hood candles.

And the wonderful "Brie" at First Alternative Co-op for holding them for The Bean.

2. This evening walk.

Even though it was to the local Walmart, it was a cold one.

3. This infamous gold locket.

Rediscovered while donating "10 more things" for the week. This innocent, little locket has been the backdrop to years of defamation. Truth becomes a farce when assumptions are made.

4. This Share-A-Sale merchant box.

Something new I'm trying with Share-A-Sale. So far so good. More on this later.

5. These tulips.

They looked lovely even after the snow melted away.

A few more things:

Have a good weekend!

Snow day

Appreciating the world as it's covered in white is definitely a simple change.

Valley eagles

As I typed out the title for this blog post I realized it sounds more like a high school mascot than bald eagle spotting in the actual Willamette Valley. Nonetheless, there were bald eagles and they were spotted in the 'Valley'. The gather included adults, females and males, and juvenile bald eagles. We aren't quite sure why they were gathered, but they kept an eye on us while we were watching them.

Appreciating wild animals, especially bald eagles, in their natural habitat is definitely a good simple change.

Five simple things


Our week started out with a great high knowing The Mr. and I would celebrate out fifteenth wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We celebrated with small gifts of love, a dinner out, and lots of affections. I was so giddy the entire day and still am a bit. Valentine's Day means just a little bit more to us because of it being our wedding day. A day we like to call "Valenversary." It's funny to think that we got married on Valentine's Day and for a few years after I always thought, 'How silly.' As the years go on though, I think how neat. I mean, it is the day of love, after all. 15 years though-It seems like just a few years ago we were making the plans at the small bed and breakfast in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to elope. The Mr. and I have been together for 18 years total, but being married for 15 is a great milestone, for sure. It's strange how time goes by, but we still mentally stay in one place. The Mr. is my other half. He really is. I can't image doing life with anyone else. As Betty White said once, "When you have the best, forget the rest."

Here are five simple things that made this week.

1. These flowers.

Because when Valentine's Day and your fifteenth wedding anniversary falls on the same day, you get tulips for one and roses for the other.

On the front of our window right now. ❤

2. A vintage scale.

Found at our local antique store and it was just what we needed right now. I have never liked the weight scales on the market nowadays and this one is perfect. 

3. These car stickers.

Seriously, the best thing this week was these car stickers coming in the mail from Bend, Oregon. I can not wait to place it on the back of the car windows. There is nothing more to say other than, we miss our dog.

4. This air purifying bag.

Mighty Nest sent a wonderful "fix" this month with the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. It came at a great time too. The Mr. serviced our furnace for the season and the smells in there can sometimes be tricky. This air purifying bag hangs nicely just inside the furnace closet and as sucked up all the stale smells. You can get one here.

5. This curtain tie.

Because it came in handy this week when the sun came out and we wanted it to shine through.

A few more things:

Tennis racket trellis.

Stocking a spice rack.

Organic Himalayan Salt.

A vegan shopping list.

Having to fight for your child's legacy.

One final thing: As The Mr. and I were celebrating a happy milestone in our lives there were/are parents in Florida dealing with the worst loss of their lives. The Bean is the same age-14-as some of those kids that lost their life on Valentine's Day. I've been quite outspoken on Twitter and Instagram the last few days because I feel, as a parent to a child of that age, it is my place. Our wedding anniversary celebration turned to empathy and sadness as The Mr. and I went to bed on the evening of the fourteenth. I can not believe in this day and age we can't stop this. I feel, as a parent, I deserve a voice. Whether it is here on my blog, on social media platforms, or just speaking up to people around me. We should all have a voice, an opinion, and a chance to push forward some sort of change. When kids are gunned down while learning there is nothing worse. Learning in a place they are supposed to be safe. As a parent I can not even begin to know what those parents are mentally processing. I can not even think what they are going to do without their kids. Their kids that are the same age as The Bean. My empathy is so heavy and honestly, that's all I can give them right now. November is election time and that's when I can help make a change. I homeschool The Bean and pulled him out of school shortly after the Sandy Hook murders. I didn't feel that my son was safe in the school he attended. As the father of Jaime Guttenburg said, "She was supposed to be safe. My job is to protect my children, and I sent my kid to school.”

Five simple things


Good week to you! February 9 is an interesting day-Back in 1964, The Beatles preformed on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' for the first time. 73 million people watched that episode, which is about 40 percent of the population. It was the first time anyone had heard of The Beatles in the United States. Here's a little clip of that performance.

Such a wonderful mark on history, for sure.

This week has been extremely chilly, but on Thursday we had a break from the wind and the sun came out for a bit. We had The Bean mow the grass and pick up a few branches that had blown down. The spring weather seems to be coming, but it's a trick, we think. When March hits we may get some snow, but if not, we will be happy to see the spring weather anyway. With that, here are five simple things that made my week.

1. The duck park, or so we call it.

The duck park, or as it's officially known, 'Grand Prairie Park' in Albany, Oregon. It's always full of some of the most beautiful mallard varieties. Our duck, Happy, is mixed with mallard and we are so drawn to the different colors of mallard ducks. This park is the perfect place to see all kinds of them.

2. A new golf bag.

It was much need, especially since we have been playing more. The new one is on the left and my old one is on the right. The older one is a classic, vintage-style bag, and I loved it, but the person that had it before me didn't take care of it. The bottom was ripping out slowly and the leather was aging. I am sad to see it go, but I gave it a good five years of life before we donated. Hopefully, someone else will love it as much as I did and give it more TLC.

3. Lucky bamboo water plant.

When we first moved to Oregon this was one of the plants that I added to our first rental home. It started as a plant that was a few inches tall to what it is now. This lucky bamboo plant has been growing in this glass container for the better part of 14 years. Unfortunately, as part of our downsizing it was time to say goodbye, but no fear, it went to a good home with someone that thinks it is amazing!

4. February's Yogi Surprise boxes.

Always have to give props to Yogi Surprise. Love their February theme this year with "Love Yourself." You can get on the list for the March box here and get a $10 credit with code: REFUIGZUWWSH8

5. February's book selection.

I am actually super eager to read this selection this month. I love books on history, so this should be a great lesson within a novel. You can see what each month's book selection is here.

A few more things:

Have a good weekend!

Five simple things


What a slow and unproductive week we had. We literally did nothing worth talking about. I feel like I had more to share when we were sick for a week and a half than I do now. Only thing I can think of is the fact that I had such a blast this week driving the little Smart Car around. I filled up the gas tank for the first time since we bought it and it cost me $20.55. I am still jetting around on that same tank as of today. The Bean and I were headed to Corvallis on Wednesday morning and we pulled up along side a man in a smaller truck. The Bean had his window cracked a bit and the man leaned out of his window and said, "I think your car is cool, I really like it." The Bean nodded back and we both laughed about it. We love seeing people laughing as we drive by, or pull up somewhere. Who would have thought a tiny Smart Car could make people so happy. It really makes us feel good that we made a few people smile. On a different note, The Mr. got off work early today-before noon-so we are headed out to the golf course to pretend we know what we're doing and smack a few balls around the greens. Let's hope there isn't too much rain, or mud.

So here are five simple things that made my week.

1. This leaf print.

I always love beautiful mistakes. Makes you wonder if it was a mistake at all.

2. "Keep Portland Weird."

We are weirdos, so we help keep it weird.

3. Redwood tree sapling.

We purchased this Redwood tree sapling on our last trip to the Trees of Mystery. I recently learned that both of the tree saplings my brother and sister-in-law bought and traveled back down south with didn't survive. One was for them to grow and the other was for my dad. I am not sure if it was the heat of the summer there, or something else. Our tiny tree lives in our bathroom, but we are going to pick up two more and take them with us on our next visit. Hopefully, we can give some pointers on what we did to keep ours going strong. You can get one of these tree saplings for yourself here.

4. These duck eggs from Happy Duck.

All of these eggs have come from our one duck, Happy. She's been laying since November and doing a fine job at it. We don't plan on eating the first year of eggs from her, so all of these wonderful eggs are bound for the compost pile and the garden in spring.

5. This old truck.

The Bean will be driving in less than two years. I don't know if I am excited, anxious, or just plain not ready for this. He has been wanting an old truck, similar to the one pictured above. We have seen this one a few times around town here, but this was the first time we saw it parked somewhere. The Bean was thrilled to get a look at it up close and he has plans of finding one to customize to his likes. The Mr. and I are glad that he is looking into older cars, but we are also glad that we still have some time to swallow the fact that our little boy will be a driving boy soon enough.

A few more things:

Have a nice weekend!