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Quick Surf Trip

We got in a quick surfing time this week, but only for about four hours. We have been so busy lately that we haven't had the time to get over to the coast for more than a few hours. We are on a desperate hunt for property for sale near where we surf, so we can have a week of surfing over just a couple of days here and there. This trip was a nice getaway from our schedule, though, so we can't be too upset, even if it was just for a few hours. To see more of our surfing trips click the surfboard icon on the righthand side of the blog, or check out our surfing blog at High Society Surf.

Hilife Handheld Steamer for Clothing and even Surfboards

I had a great opportunity to team up with Hilife and test out their handheld steamer the last two weeks. Hilife has been ranked as one of the top-ranked Amazon sellers and they focus mainly on home appliance products. Along with the handheld steamer, they also offer humidifiers and space heaters of great quality and of affordable prices. The handheld steamer is ranked at an Amazon #1 Best Seller for its easy of use, compact and portable design, and price. You see all the products they off on the Hilife website.

The Hilife steamer is a great steamer to use for pretty much any mild wrinkle in clothing, curtains, or even getting out folds in rugs. It's also great to use on bed sheets, and pillowcases, too. We used it as much as we could to see exactly how much this little gadget could handle, and we were pleasantly surprised. We also discovered this little handheld steamer can also help in an unconventional way towards removing wax from surfboards. 

Use code: LAASP at checkout for 30% off and free shipping here.

It tackled wrinkles in linen fast. Although linen is an easy material to get wrinkles out of, I was pleased with how easy it was to use the handheld steamer over pulling out the ironing board. 

We tested it on cotton t-shirts...

Cotton button-downs...

And, even on easily creased dress shirts. It took about 10 minutes to get the shirts fully wrinkle-free.

Handheld steamers have an issue with spitting out too much water when they are being used, but following the directions with the Hilife Handheld Steamer we didn't have that issue. There were times when the clothing would get a bit of moisture on them while steaming, but it disappeared within a few minutes and didn't affect the overall steaming quality of the clothing. 

The machine and attachments come in a small, compact, recyclable cardboard box and easy to follow instructions on getting started right away with the handheld steamer.

One attachment I enjoyed using on the clothing was the brushes. I noticed while we were using the brushes with the steamer it actually picked up lint as we steamed the clothing and helped remove the wrinkles more quickly. 

The added cup makes filling the water reservoir easy and convenient. We used filtered water as not to get any contaminants on our clothing from the tap water.

We filled the steamer to the max-fill line, plugged in the machine, and turned it on. It was really that easy in getting started. The steamer holds 240ML of water when filled to the max-fill line.

Less than a minute the machine begin heating the water and producing steam from the nozzle. The steam from the steamer was consistent and produced enough steam for a solid 15 minutes.

We then got curious as to what all this machine could actually "steam." We steamed curtains, couch, chair, and even pillowcases. We weren't disappointed with it actually steaming wrinkles out of cloth, but we wanted to use it in a different way to see it it would hold up to being used in a different way other than steaming. We are surfers and one of the worst things about surfing is wax removal from a surfboard. So, we decided to see if this little handheld steamer would work for wax removal. And, let me tell you, it not only helped removed it, it actually got down into the layers of wax with one swipe. 

It didn't work too well removing the little bit of wax from the Wavestorm, because of its ridged surface, but it did help in loosening up sand and dirt that was stuck on and helped sanitize the surface of the board, so definitely a win there.


We were extremely impressed with this little handheld steamer. Our vehicle has an electrical outlet in the back and this handheld steamer is definitely going to be road-tripping with us in the future. The steamer comes with a nine-foot power cord and is 700 watts. It would be perfect added to a suitcase, or even a carryon when traveling. 

You can get this exact same handheld steamer from Hilife here and also use get 30%, free shipping, and a two-year warranty with code: LAASP (at checkout). If you've been holding off on getting a portable, handheld steamer, and been waiting on a sign for a good one, this is it! There's a 30 day free return and money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the steamer. 
A few additional features of the Hilife Handheld Steamer include: 
1. Super easy to use, just add water and plug in for continuous steaming.
2. Works efficiently on wrinkles and creases on most materials.
3. Portable and lightweight makes it easy to carry and travel with.
4. It's an Amazon Choice with 50000+ reviews.
5. It's priced under $40.

Surfing Trip and New Board

This past weekend we took a trip over to the coast and purchased Skylar a new stick. The board he went with was the Torq longboard and his favorite color is red, so of course his board is white with red details along the side. He also got to break it in that same weekend and it was definitely a great surfing time. He is totally enjoying the board and definitely helped him stay afloat better than the foam Wavestorm we've been sharing. His board is a 9' longboard, so with his height it is perfect. We got in about two hours of surfing before the weather turned on us and the wind picked up, but overall it was a good time breaking in his new board.