Tired of being tired?

Our snowy wonderland

We have had quite the white wonderland here in the Willamette Valley lately.  We got a solid downfall of snow for two days, and then it was all perfectly preserved in a sheet of ice.  The roads and highways were such a mess, and the snow plows were working overtime.  But now the sun as peeked out and the rain has come in a few days here and there and washed it all away.  Before the snow got too deep to even walk through, we went out and about to capture some pictures and have some fun.

Photo 1: On Instagram/ Photo 2: with digital point and shoot

We decided to brave the snowy/ice mix and take a walk to the theater to watch The LEGO Movie.  Super snowy fun!

Five on Friday: Spark of loves this week

It's FRIDAY!  YAY!  After a "bit" of snow here in the Willamette Valley, we are finally able to see the ground for once.  We got about two feet of snow here, and about three feet closer to the edge of the Cascade mountains.  And to top things off, we got about two-inches of ice on top of that.  Fun, fun!  But it's all melting off now and the green grass is slowly peaking its head out from the melted patches.

So with the snow being one thing that made my week amazing, here are the other five things that really gave me a smile this week.

I have participated in the Five on Friday through Carolina Charm for some time now, and I have loved being able to share the things that make my heart happy, along with many other blogger-types, just like me.  Today is a special Five on Friday and Christina from Carolina Charm has asked everyone participating in the Five on Friday today to share a family's story with all of YOU, that read my blog.  The first photo in my Five on Friday is the story of Teddy.

Team Teddy

You can read Teddy's story HERE.  My heart pours out for this dear family so much. Jeff and I were so blessed to have a baby without any issues, and my heart just breaks that there are others not so lucky. I can not imagine the pain and suffering this family is enduring presently.  I hope just the thought of others thinking of them helps even just a little. Please get behind the backing of this sweet family and help spread the word of how much they really do mean to everyone (even strangers on the other side U.S.) #TeamTeddy

1.  This Tree.

I was so in love with our Christmas tree this year that I had a hard time letting go.  Jeff came up with a solution on how I could hang onto the tree just a bit longer. His idea was to cut the top off of it and keep it on the table as a smaller tree.  Well, this week we had to say goodbye to out little table-top tree too. :(

2.  This Kit.

I really can't brag enough about touch screen gloves!  This kit has been so fun for me, and for everyone I got them for at Christmas.  I bought about four extra sets just so I could play around with them, and man I have had so much fun!  You can snag you a kit here from 6 Stitch Kit.  

3.  This Calendar.

I just love all of the wonderful calendar display printouts you can find (for free) on most sites anymore.  I have particularly taken a liking to the monthly printout calendars that The Neighborhood has to offer.  They are on a cities theme this year and I am so excited to see what city they will pick for March.  You can snag you one of these February calendars HERE!

4.  This Picture.

Because it now hangs in my living room and is in honor of my Nana.  Her name was Wanda, but everyone playfully called her Wander.  It's a nice reminder of her that I can see everyday.  

5.  Valentine's Day!

I woke up to a VERY nice surprise on my desk this morning.  Valentine's Day is more than just a day in our house to express love, it's also our anniversary day.  I LOVE surprises and this was definitely a great surprise for me.  

Also sticking with the theme of "Love" you can snag you a burlap heart frame now in my shop: The Peppermint Bee, on Etsy.  These frames are 8x6, hand-painted, and ready to hang.  You can grab one HERE for $12.  Keep in mind, from today until Sunday, there is free shipping on all items in my shop.  Just a little way to show my love.