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Easter Egg Baseball!


So all those good-looking eggs you saw in the previous post?  They are about to become baseballs.  Sad, I know, but it's a lot of fun, really!

Skylar is eyeballing his prize winning home-run helpers.

Messy to some degree, as you can see.  See other photos of the Egg Baseball here.

 I'm sneaking because I like to slip in a few fresh eggs into the batch without telling anyone and when they go to hit it.....I have a big laugh, HA!

See more photos of Skylar hitting eggs here.  He had a blast!

                                                                      Poor Skylar!  ha ha.....

Good practice for his baseball season, game play too.  

It was a lot of fun to hit the eggs and we are going to keep this tradition going.  I think rain parkas might be needed for the sideline though. :)

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Our Easter for 2012

These pictures are a bit tardy, but nonetheless I felt like sharing them.  There's more pictures of this epic Easter egg day over at Skylar's site and Jeff's oh, and more here.  Check em out!

I love all the bright colors of the egg dye!  So pretty, I just wish the eggs looked that bright when they came out of the bath.

Plush PEEPS!


As we were dying eggs, this was going on in the oven!


They did a fantastic job!

Since it's always such a wet holiday here in Oregon, we hung plastic eggs and fill them with goodies.  The wet grass doesn't work well with the dyed eggs, but we have other plans for the eggs we dye.  hehe......


He found the golden egg!  He was pretty happy about that one because it had 10 gold dollar coins in it and he  has been asking for them for months!

The bunny left a cute, little basket and even left "droppings" on the stairs.  That crazy bunny.

He even opened an Easter basket from Namaw in Arkansas.

And the bubbles were a hit.

My little bunny rabbit. 

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