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Five Simple Things (December 31)

Hello. Happy New Year!

1. These Resolutions.

These were Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions in 1943. They were found in the center section of a journal he kept and it gives a bit of insight into what he was thinking at the time. There's 33 resolutions to this list in which he names "New Years Rulins."

2. These Boxes.

This is my first box with Kinder Beauty. I've been searching for a replacement for Yogi Surprise ever since they dropped their subscription boxes. I look forward to this box because it's vegan, cruelty-free, and clean ingredients. You can try this box here.

Kiwi Eco Box this month had some great holiday items in it. From the mulling spices, to the plant(able) seed card, it was a great box. You can get this box here.

Also, Yogi Secret box. I found this one to replace Yogi Surprise, but it isn't quite what I am looking for. It's a great box, but doesn't have a lot of yoga-type items in it that Yogi Surprise had. I will be canceling the subscription after this box. If you're interesting in this box, you can get it here.

3. These Gloves.

We had been on a mad hunt for some wetsuit gloves to use during the colder months here in Oregon. We searched for the same brand as our wetsuit, which are Xcel, and we found the perfect ones at Seaside Surf Shop. These are great, 3mm, and work great on even the coldest days. 

4. This Morning.

Christmas this year was a cool one. I was able to get a few gifts I've been wanting to get for Skylar and Jeff. It always gives me a lot of joy making other people happy, especially the ones that deserve it.

Side Note:
Find out more here.

5. These Reminders.

If you've added "Be more sustainable" to your New Year's Resolutions, here's some tips to help keep you on task with those plans.

1. Lower Your Expectations: 
Focus on the things that you can still do "right", rather than focusing on what you're doing "wrong" during this time.

2. Assess Your Routine:
Use this time to assess the plastic you're using, and set a fame plan to work towards plastic-free alternatives. 

3. Focus On Foods:
Use what you have. Focus on buying low-impact, plant-based foods. Keep using your reusables, if you're able to (wash them with soap after use). Buy larger quantities of things you will use (less packaging waste). 

4. Clean Sustainably: 
Look for products with natural ingredients. Use bar soap. Use rags over paper towels. Be sure to wash rags after each use.

5. Vote With Your Dollar:
Use this time to repair or repurpose items that you already one, or support ethical, sustainable, small businesses-Not fast fashion. Also, buy from better companies with your food choices, clothing, appliances, etc. Your purchase is a vote for that product, so make it count.

6. Educate:
Check our some environmental documentaries, books, or podcasts. If you're a voter, brush up on your election candidates and their stances on climate change and other green initiatives. 

Did you catch Sirius this week (25), or Mercury meeting Venus (28), or the Moon near Mars (30)?

Positive affirmations this week:

Exercise, healthy eating, waking up earlier, taking note of the things you enjoy and doing those things as often as possible, keeping away from negative people and those that drag you down and serving those that bring out the best in you, getting outside more and getting sunshine whenever you can, work on your own talents, and ignoring those that are an anchor. These are the things for the new year that will bring you into your real, true self. Happy New Year, make this the year you celebrate yourself more!

Have a nice weekend and an even better January First.

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