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Five Simple Things (February 28)


Coronavirus cases are a bit more here, not too bad, but still enough to cause concern. I am only two and a half weeks away from my surgery, and it's still a go, as far as I know. My surgeon's office contacted me yesterday to confirm my appointment time and I asked them if I should be concerned and they told me, they are still keeping it on the schedule until they are told otherwise. So, that gives me a bit of relief. I don't watch the news, so I am mainly getting information about the situation here in our state of Oregon, from Jeff, and Twitter. On February 24, President Trump tweeted: "The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA and the CDC and World Health have been working hard and very smart." Hopefully, he is correct. We have purchased a few more things to prepare for my surgery, body pillows, wedge pillows, bed pads for underneath my body to catch any bleeding, etc. I have reading a lot of information online on what you should and shouldn't have before and after major surgery and a lot of it is great information and pretty much common sense. Tips like, "don't have pets in the room," "always have water nearby," and "never get up without assistant," etc. We still have a few more things we'd like to purchase and have before the actual day, but we still have some time, so no stress. For now, here are the five simple things this week.

1. These Chairs.

Skylar and I took a little jot over the mall this week, which is weird to say, 90s flashback to mall time. But, I needed to get a few things at some of the stores there and Skylar always likes to play the games that sit in the middle of the mall. One of his favorites is the Jurassic Park game, where you shoot the dinosaurs as they escape their enclosures. I thought it was funny, that the design of the chairs for the game, looked scared as they faced the screen.

2.  This Carwash. 

I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the way the soap hit my windshield when I went through the carwash earlier this week. Sometimes, and I've been told my entire life, I see things differently and not what other people can see. I think that's a gift, but it does, at times, get me called "weird." I embrace my way of seeing things, though. Who wants to be labeled "normal," anyway?

3. This Bumper Sticker.

I laughed at this because all I could think was, at least they're honest. 

5. This Recipe.

Did you catch the jalapeno popper recipe I posted here? They are delicious and we made them again this week. They are hard to stop eating because they are so good. I am pretty pleased with this recipe, because I can't cook all that well, so it's one I can say, success to.

Positive affirmation this week: "Do you like who you have become?" 
I like how far I've come, but we are all still works in progress. Perfection is not achievable, but satisfaction is. 

Have a nice weekend.

Five Simple Things (February 21)


Looks like the Coronavirus pandemic has hit Oregon with a few confirmed cases here. It's worrying me more about my surgery coming up. Hopefully...hopefully, it doesn't get worse. I am not a political person, at all, but our president doesn't seem to be putting forth the required effort to keep things under control. I hope he changes his views on things and stops being so racist with his comments on the virus, itself. Regardless of where it started, he really should think before he speaks. Where we live, here in the Willamette Valley, this area is pretty heavy with his supporters, and the stress they bring seems to be very odd. I hope things don't get worse as this progresses. So, that aside, here are five things that are positive this week.

1. This Kid.

We have been downsizing a lot of clothing and other items throughout our house and coming across some cool things are always a treat. This sweater was actually my dad's. He wore it when he was in college and first married to my mom in the 70s. It fit Skylar pretty well and it's a cool piece to hang onto, for sure.

2. This Closet.

Along with going through items that aren't earning their place in our home, Skylar cleaned out a few things from his closet that he no longer needed. When I say "a few" I mean, quite a lot of things, actually. He says the more downsized and streamline of his closet now makes it easier to get dressed in the mornings and find things. We are going to hit his closet with a fresh coat of paint this summer, too.

3. More Miles.

A couple more miles logged this week. Skylar has been going with me now, too. It's nice to have someone with me, just in case, and I'm not alone. Jeff did get me some pepper spray, but having someone there with me is always nice. This week we did the same amount of miles and the same path. It's nice to have a known path because we know what to expect, too.

4.  These Houses.

I love the modern look of these homes and how they are designed. Boxy houses are some of my most favorite house designs. We've been looking into buying land and have plans to build on it eventually. I would love to incorporate a boxy house into our land terrain and these are definitely what we have in mind. These homes are in Bend, Oregon, near Mount Bachelor. 

5. This Cupcake.

Skylar loves snails, so it seemed fitting to get him a snail-like cupcake at Whole Foods this week. He and I went to eat lunch and run some errands in Portland, Oregon, and as soon as we saw the snail cupcake, we had to have it. He said it was strawberry shortcake flavor and was delicious. 

Positive affirmation this week: "What brings you comfort no matter what?" 
Knowing I am happy with my family/tribe-as long as I have them, I'm good.

Have a nice weekend.

Cascade Mountain Hike

Oregon Spike Moss hanging from tree branches

Bracket Fungi on the side of a wooden fishing pier

Cascade Mountains in the snow

Since we didn't get any snow on the Valley floor, we decided to head up into the mountains. I've been a bit feeling down lately and I'm not sure what it's from. Since Baz died, I haven't really been "myself," or whatever that means. I think I'm just in a transitional period of change. I sort of like to imagine our minds and bodies go through changes similar to seasons. With every seasonal change, we, too change. The snow helped me sort of remove myself from the present moment, for a time. I still love the fact that I live only a short drive from this. That part makes me happy.

Five Simple Things (February 14)


Happy Valentine's Day. 
This day is kind of a bitter/sweet day for us. One, it's obviously the day of love and we have plenty to give, but it's also, just another day. I'm not really big on holidays much anymore as I get older, but it's always nice to acknowledge them, even just a little bit. Today I was going to make sugar cookie hearts, but I just didn't have the energy. My anxiety has been pretty bad the last couple of weeks and I am using all of my energy towards that. About a month away from my surgery, which has been set for March 19, and with never having major surgery before, I am worried. I've been walked through all of the process, but until it's over, I will still be on edge. I am also worried the Coronavirus pandemic might hinder my elective surgery, as well, but my surgeon/doctor says he doesn't think it will, but we are just going to ride it out and see where we are when it gets closer. I have used this week to create a list of foods and things I would like to have on hand after I come home. I also created an "end of life" list for Jeff and Skylar, just in case. I have OCD, too, so it helps me to know, before I go under, that they don't have to stress about anything, if something does happen. Jeff always smiles at me when it comes to things like that. He says, "You are the most unselfish person I know. Even in your moment of stress, and thinking you might not come through, you are still thinking of others." It makes me feel good that my good points are seen. But, we are hopeful there won't be any issues and I will have an easy recovery. I am pretty healthy overall, but it's always in the back of your head anytime, anyone, has major surgery, whether they say it out loud or not. That aside, here are five things to keep my mind distracted, that happened this week.

1. More Miles.

More miles logged this week. Trying to keep up a routine, when time allows. Getting more and more anxious about my surgery date, as stated above. Fingers crossed all goes well. 

2. Day Trip.

Skylar and I took a quick day trip to the coast to eat lunch, and even though it was raining, it was a nice lunch with my boy. He and I are very close and moments like these are some of my favorites.

3. Selfie Filters.

Although the Playboy Bunny would not be my first choice is a filter, I do like how it makes my eye makeup look amazing and flawless. There's so many different filters on Instagram, and Skylar and I like to play around with them a lot. 


Not a lot of people are on board with the use of CBD or THC products for health and wellbeing, but I've been trying out a few products as stated in a previous post. I am still trying to figure out the best one for my anxiety and panic attacks, but I do like the CBD creams and the Beaucoup edibles, so far. 
(More on this later, as I try more products)

Have a nice weekend.

Gallon House Covered Bridge/Mt. Angel Abbey

Skylar and I took off on a short road trip to check out one of the oldest covered bridges in Oregon. The Gallon House Covered Bridge is the oldest, still in operation, covered bridges here in the state and it was surreal being able to drive over and through it, just like they did when they bootlegged moonshine over 100 years ago. The bridge was built in 1916 and was shut down for awhile in the 1980 for repairs, but it's now back open to traffic both ways. After leaving the Gallon House Bridge location, we took a quick drive up the the Mt. Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Oregon. It's an abbey for monks and is open to the public, but we did not go inside on this day. 

In 2016, the Gallon House celebrated 100 years

The abbey (view from the front)

The abbey has its own post office on the abbey grounds

Monks walking through the grounds to classes

The monks also brew their own beer on the abbey grounds

Five Simple Things (February 7)


This week was a bit better than last week, less rain, and that's always a plus during the winter months. I went for a consultation for an upcoming surgery I have in March, and it went well. (More on this later). Other than that, we are looking forward to spring coming and hopefully this Coronavirus pandemic doesn't get any worse than it already is. The stories of some of the countries is just awful. They claim it's similar to the flu, but on a more worse scale of sickness, and breathing issues along with the illness. I can't imagine. I hope things don't get worse here in the United States. But, for now, here are five things that brought a bit of simplicity to my week.

1. This Sunset.

On a day trip back from Timberline Lodge, I quickly snapped this sunset picture. It's not the best, but it's worth sharing and was beautiful to see. "Pink sky at night, sailors' delight."

2. These Running Days.

Been knocking out some miles running, slowly. I'm mostly trying to build my body up for my upcoming surgery. I'd like to drop a few more pounds in order to be able to bounce back better. Over the past two years I've lost a total of 68 pounds. This coming surgery is the last step in my journey to help my body as I age. I will be doing a blog post on this as soon as I am fully recovered and feel comfortable about sharing my progress. But, for now, I will say, the running and miles I'm logging, are a great start.

3. Another Selfie. 

Getting a bit more comfortable with it. Still on the fence, but according to Jeff, and Skylar, I should share more of my face. For now, I am okay with it, but I reserve the right to change my mind.☻

4. This Santa.

Was trying to sell this Santa Clause since Christmas on Craigslist, but no one liked the $75 price tag. I have since pulled the ad and will hang onto him for a bit longer. Eleven seems to like him, though.

5. This Star.

We don't eat fast food much, but I just had to stop and take a picture of this tree "star." I got even more pictures up close to see exactly how they achieved this, and I am absolutely going to duplicate this in the future. This was at a Carl's Jr. location in Wilsonville, Oregon. I love unique and original ideas and this is definitely one of my favorites, that I've seen.

Have a nice weekend.