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Spark of Loves this Week

This Chocolate.

Because I needed it.  Seriously!

These Nachos.

Because they were tasty.

This Pose.

Because it almost looks like she is pissed off.

...Or irritated with all the pictures.  Ha!

These Cherries, and These Pineapples.

Because Rainer Cherries are the best.  And these pineapples because, well.....Yeah.

This Meal.

Because Izzy's is the best.

This Map and This Yogurt.

Because it's yard sale time people!  And this yogurt because, out of all the Greek yogurts, these brand is my favorite.

This Sunset.

Because when I move I will miss the sunsets of the northwest.

This Pose.

Because it's so cute.  A bit of short dog problems.

This Sidewalk and This Pose.

This Sidewalk because it's so colorful.  And this Pose because having my kid enjoy yoga as much as I do is amazing.

This Radish.

Because it survived the winter and wanted to be picked.

These Razors and This Tea.

Because they were so sweet sitting there together.  And this tea because it's actually pretty darn good.

These Impatients and This Sign.

Because they were so pretty with their pinks and reds.  And this sign because having a fire fighter in the house you tend to see these sign more often than before.

This Sign and This Chocolate Bar.

Because it was funny to me.  And this chocolate bar because....Oh my gosh, have you tried these. Ahhhhh.  So good!

These Peas.

Because I saved them last summer and now they are being planted in the ground for this season.

Eco-Tip:  Instead of hosing your driveway off with the water hose, try sweeping it instead.  So much water is wasted on just simple yard tasks like washing the driveway.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

One Year Blog-aversary for South North South!

Happy Blog-aversary to South North South!  I can't believe it's already been a year since I started this blog. I have throughly enjoyed blogging and I always have enjoyed everyone that has subscribed via the website, the Twitter feeds, and even the Tumblr and Path feeds.  I also want to thank everyone that has subscribed via RSS feed and emails. Without the reads of my blog and the wonderful comments I have received through the blog posts, I wouldn't feel like it's worth it.
Thanks so much for being great readers, Pinners, linkers, and followers!  Here's to another year and many more to come with South North South.


Spark of Loves this Week

This Picture.

It was my first photo I took using the Instagram app on my Smart Phone.  Find me on there and let's connect!

These Blueberries.

Because they came from McDonald's and they were very tasty.
This Sign.

Because I made it and it reminds me everyday to Be Present in the moment.

This Banana.  These Birdhouses.

Because it was enough to fill me up.  And these Birdhouses because Skylar and I made them together.

These Earrings.  This Cat.

Because they were made by me and given to my mom, sister, and sister in law.  And this cat because she always poses so perfectly when I want to take a picture of her.

These Strawberries.

Because strawberries are in season right now and they taste wonderful dipped in chocolate.

This Tea.

Because Peace Tea is the best.

These Dresses.

Because they just represent summer so well.  Don't you think?

This Image.

Because even though I don't smoke, I snapped a shot of this during a get together.  I thought it was such a great, colorful photo.

This Rose.

Once again, the 75+ year old rose bush bloomed without fail this year.

These Pancakes.  This Snow cone.

Because I have gotten into this routine of making letters out of pancake batter.  And this snow cone because the Margarita mix that comes in a bucket makes great snow cones for kids in the summertime. (It's non-alcoholic, by the way).

This Frog.

Because Skylar brought it home from school and it's the cutest thing ever.  We let if go in our fish pond in the backyard.

These Pencils.  This Cherry Tree.

Because they are made from old newspapers.  And this cherry tree because I will miss it when I am gone.  I snagged some seeds from the tree, here's hoping they take and produce our own tree in Arkansas.

These Beer.

Because it made my day and it was much needed after a long day of working.

This Machine.

Because I had one when i was growing up and I stumbled across it when I was shopping for vintage penny machines.  It looks great filled to the top with colorful gumballs.

This Sticker.

Because I just have to support the HOGS even in Oregon.

Eco-Tip:  Go with unprocessed and un-packaged food whenever you can.  Eating food that has zero processing is a great way to eat healthier too.  And food that doesn't come in a package is a great way to help cut down on paper and plastic waste.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.