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Friday things

1.  This Street Organ.

More about street organs here.

2.  This Post From Embracing Homemaking.

It's a post that's been floating around Pinterest and other blogs for awhile and it's a great start in getting more minimal.  I love the little things Ashley has added.  Give the first 10 items a try and then work your way down the list.  It feels good getting rid of things in my house and we are almost to 150 items from this list, so far.  Check out the full list here.

3. This Travel Kit.
I can't begin to express how great this travel kit is from Murchison Hume.  It comes with four different, necessary, items you would need for traveling.  The surface spray and the everything soap is the best.  You can get this travel kit, with bag, on their site here, for under $40.

4. This Body Oil.

Honest Organic Body Oil . This light, soothing blend includes sustainablely grown and certified organic jojoba, tamanu, olive, avocado, and sunflower oils to leave skin silky and nourished. It's great for skin of all ages.

5. This Headboard.
The Mr. and I have been on a lookout for a new bedroom suite.  We've been searching for one that would fit a small bedroom seeing as the house we live in now is limited on space.  This one has made the top of the list for two reasons.  One, it's just a headboard and we can play around with the rest of it anyway we want.  Two, because its name is Claudette, 'my middle name.'  I like the bird accent on top that's removable too.  This headboard is from Ballard Designs.


• This New Affiliate.
100% Pure is a company geared around natural products.  They use only the very best ingredients in what they make and are now part of the South North South family.  Their ad will can be found on the right-hand side of the page, along with the other great company's that help support this blog.  Give them some love.  Right now, you can get all of their Holiday Gift Sets 20%.

100 Percent Pure

• Don't F-up Craft Beer.
• Dominating 'Guess Who'.
• Cleaning out your ears the RIGHT way.
• Longboard Dancing. Yes?

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