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The "Board of Great Things"

My son, last year, had a summer break just like all kids do and we tried to fit in as many trips and fun activities as we could in such a short time.  It is 3 months worth of a summer break here, but I always felt like we were running and going with no time to actually sit down and enjoy each other's company during the time off.  So this year I changed all of that.  With the 3 months still at our disposal we created the "Board of Great Things" with all the things we want to do over the days of summer.

The "Board of Great Things" is an idea I sort of took from one of his 2nd grade class projects called, the "Ring of Great Things."  Where the kids sit down at the end of the year and write great things about the other classmates and they get to take it home and have this wonderful ring of index cards that the other kids said great things to them on.

So with that idea in hand I created our own "great thing" with the board.

I used my label maker and numbered the many days he had on his summer break, which is 90 days!, and then once numbered we started thinking of all the great things we wanted to get done over the break.

The first task was, of course, to make the "Board of Great Things" and then move on with other fun adventures from that starting point.

It took us about 2 days to come up with all the fun and exciting things we wanted to get done while on summer break.  We thought of things like flying kites, learning to tie a shoe, to having a pillow fight and washing mommy and daddy's cars.  Once we do an activity we highlight through it and move onto the following day.

The "Board of Great Things" is such a great tool to help organize your summer break and to get in all the fun activities you've been waiting for and not miss a thing.  We have ours hung in our kitchen so that we can all see it and remember that each day brings something new and fun to do as a family.  :)

For a printable version of a good summer board, check out the one over at The Crafting Chicks!

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