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Sometimes Wants (Spring '22)

 These are the spring time, "Sometimes Wants," that have caught my eye lately.

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  1. Been doing a lot more drinking of nut milk than regular milk lately, especially in our daily smoothies. I've recently come across 100% organic cotton nut milk bags and they are so much easier to wash after each milking than the ones we had before. 
  2. We have been using reusable shopping bags for quite sometime now, but with the pandemic we stopped and began running bigger errands, especially during lockdown. During that time I found a new way to use our mesh bags with storage of potatoes, onions, oranges, apples, and even avocados. With hooks hung and the bags hanging from the hooks, it has been super convenient in our kitchen. Hoping to carry the organization onto our school bus, too.
  3. With the change of the season it was time to get some warmer, and better quality slippers. I've taken a big interest in natural wool products and these slippers are fantastic. In Oregon the season of spring still means freezing temperatures and living in a not-so-good insulated house, wool slippers are great. Another good brand is Kyrgies
  4. With the season of spring here now a lot of different celebrations are taking place-weddings, births, pregnancies, graduations, new hobbies, travel plans, and even spontaneous celebrations. I have recently discovered these "passports" from Letterfolk. They are the perfect, little addition to tuck into a gift, or even as a small gift or favor. A lot of friends and coworkers will be getting these small tokens, and I've even snagged a few for myself.
  5. We have hung these LED light strand up along our floating deck and it has really brought the whole area together. We don't have a lot of privacy living in the city, but what we have created in our back and side yard makes us forget sometimes that we are in a city and have close neighbors. These lights are great and we have them on a timer, too.
  6. I've been changing the way I clean all the way around and with that I've switched to more eco-friendly cleaning tools. These wooden tools, no matter what brand they are, are a great switch. They are wooden and have replacement heads for the brushes when they get worn. I love the fact that they are plastic-free and actually make scrubbing less of a struggle.
  7. Spring means a change in dish towels. I've found some great ones from Sur La Table. The ones pictured above are Turkish cotton and the ones here are 100% organic cotton. I snagged both and have been enjoying them a great deal.
  8. Along the same lines as the mesh totes, we've been using collapsible totes in the back of the car for our groceries and other purchased items. We do most of our food shopping at either our local food co-op, or a Costco run when needed. Most people that know us well are surprised that we shop in bulk stores because of how earth-conscious we are, but buying in bulk is earth-friendly, too, when you get into the habit of knowing what to buy in bulk. We shop consciously and make sure not to purchase anything in excessive amounts of packaging, or that it's organic, or wild caught. We always leave the store with either our own bags, or not bagged/boxed, so we can add things to our totes once we're at the car.
  9. One of the things we've been looking at lately is to replace our helmets. I've had a Giro helmet for the last 15 years. It's a great helmet and luckily I haven't crashed in it to have to replace it, yet. Although, I do love the Giro helmet, I think after 15 years it's time to retire it. Thousand Heritage Helmets have caught my eye. I like the way they look and they also have a better environmental footprint than others. The blue and white helmets pictured above are the ones we are really digging.
  10. Lastly, along with spring cleaning comes cleaning up outdoor, too. I've been in search of an outdoor broom to use only outdoors and I found a good one. This one is heavy-duty, yet lightweight, and it's eco-friendly. It even sweeps away wet leaves.
Happy Spring Equinox! 

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