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Road Trip: Yurt/Coast

This past weekend we took a much-needed road trip and camping trip to the coast. The get-away was a nice break from the "city" life here and I will admit, we were in need of a break from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. We ended up staying in a yurt-named Sixes-right by the beach and the best part was-peace and quiet with only the sound of the rain at night. It was perfect! -We also participated in the Stronger Together March in Newport while we were there.

We got the keys to the yurt and had a lot of daylight still left, so we walked around the park a bit to learn the layout and see what we could find. The walk from the yurt to the beach wasn't a long one, but the rain came and it pushed us back into the yurt for the night. The sound of the rain hitting the sunlight dome on top was a relaxing sound. Just what we needed.

Our dogs are always game for a road trip!

The following morning we woke up and participated in the Stronger Together March n Newport, Oregon. 

It was a great opportunity to participate in something that we feel so strongly about. The Mr. standing beside me made me feel appreciated and it was an honor to be part of a great group of people standing up for what is morally, ethically, and humanly right for our nation and the rest of the world. 

After the march we spent a few hours down by the beach. The rain came off and on, but overall it was a pretty nice day.


Nothing makes a rainy day better than some beach-side ice cream. 

The rain held off long enough for The Mr. to grill us up some dinner and Baz was ready to crash out for all of the walking during the march. I'll admit, we were all ready to crash by the time we laid down inside the yurt.

The following morning we headed over to the showers and wash up for the day and ate some early lunch at a place called The Deep End Cafe. There bay shrimp cocktails were delicious!


Beach artwork is some of the best!

Before heading home we had to eat at the famous Mo's Restaurant. It wasn't raining so the view of the coast was magnificent! 

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse | Active 1871-1874

The new highway sign that sits in Newport, Oregon. Maybe a road trip soon?

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