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Shucking Corn!

Since the summer season is slowly coming to a close and fall is creeping up on us, we wanted to take advantage of all the corn that is for sale along the roadways here in Oregon.  Oregon seems to grow some of the best corn I have ever tasted and there are a lot of farmers in the Willamette Valley that grows the corn organically  which is definitely a plus.

The ears were pretty good looking ears.  We picked up about 10 ears for $4 from a local farmer.

We had another of husks left and decided to make corn husk necklaces and bracelets with the leftovers.  You can make them too by stripping the husks to three thin layers and then doing a simple braids and knots along the length of the bracelet.  Once it dries it will hold the knots and the braids.  For the necklace, strip the husks to thin layers and knot them together.  

Pretty simple, but a fun craft for the fall season.

A bag full of bracelet and necklace fun!

Look how great this corn looks!

We froze some of the ears for later and cooked a few up that night for dinner.  They were yummy!

Eco-Tip:  Recycle your used eye glasses to programs that can restore and clean them up to send to less privileged countries and areas that could put them to good use for workers and children to have sight.  Look for organizations like OneSight and The Lions Club to donate today.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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